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A Night of Hardcore Solidarity for Jesse Malin at Irving Plaza

Photos: Ehud Lazin

On Friday, April 26, 2024, Irving Plaza transformed into the epicenter of a benefit concert honoring Jesse Malin, a revered figure in the New York punk and rock scene. The concert aimed to support Malin’s recovery after he was paralyzed from the waist down due to a rare spinal-cord stroke in June of 2023. Despite making some progress in treatment, Malin still faces a long road to recovery, and this concert was a heartfelt effort to support him on that journey.

The event was free to attend, with donations collected at the door for Malin's treatment. Additionally, VEEPS provided a free livestream of the entire show, allowing fans around the world to contribute. For those still wishing to support Jesse Malin, donations can be made at Sweet Relief.Initially scheduled as a Hardcore Matinee show at Tompkin's Square Park, the event faced a last-minute venue change when the city's Park Department revoked the permit due to concerns about crowd size.

In a swift recovery, Black and Blue Productions moved the show to Irving Plaza, ensuring the event went on with style.

The lineup for the evening was a vibrant celebration of New York Hardcore (NYHC) music, opening with Crazy & The Brains, followed by War Orphan. NYHC veterans Murphy's Law took the stage next, fronted by the iconic Jimmy G, delivering a fiery performance. Madball continued the intensity, bringing their raw hardcore energy to the crowd, before the night culminated in an electrifying set from Gogol Bordello. Led by the charismatic Eugene Hütz, their gypsy punk rock turned the venue into a pulsating celebration, featuring guest appearances from Puzzled Panther, Jimmy G, and the Godfather of Hardcore, Vinnie Stigma of Agnostic Front, who joined in for a rousing rendition of the Sex Pistols' "Bodies."


Photos: Ehud Lazin


Gogol Bordello

Photographer: Ehud Lazin


Murphy's Law

Photos: Ehud Lazin

Throughout the evening, the sense of community and solidarity within the NYHC scene was overwhelming. Jesse Malin himself expressed deep gratitude, stating, "I’ve been forever grateful for the New York hardcore community that me and many of my friends grew up in. It’s a scene that has always looked out in hard times, but this goes above and beyond. I am so touched by this, it means so much."

The benefit concert was a reminder of the enduring power of NYHC and the unifying force of music. The event brought together a diverse community of fans and musicians, celebrating Malin’s legacy and showing that the spirit of NYHC continues to thrive.



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