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A Night of Magic: Fantastic Cat Rocks Brooklyn Made with New Album Release

Photo: Ehud Lazin

On June 7, 2024, Brooklyn Made hosted a spectacular evening, marking the release of Fantastic Cat's latest album, Now That's What I Call Fantastic Cat. This hometown record release blowout was a testament to the band’s infectious energy and captivating stage presence, which left the audience both mesmerized and exhilarated.

The night began with a stellar performance by special guest Matt Sucich, who kicked off the festivities with a trio set. Sucich’s soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics created an intimate atmosphere, setting the perfect tone for the evening. His performance, characterized by raw emotion and melodic simplicity, was well-received by the audience, warming them up for the main act.

When Fantastic Cat took the stage, the energy in the room surged. The band's dynamic entrance was met with enthusiastic cheers from the crowd, a testament to their loyal fan base in New York. From the first note, it was clear that the evening was going to be something special. The band members—Anthony D'Amato, Brian Dunne, Don DiLego, and Mike Montali—seamlessly blended their talents, showcasing the collaborative spirit that defines their new album.

The setlist primarily featured tracks from Now That's What I Call Fantastic Cat, an album Rolling Stone has hailed as "gloriously fun" and "a breath of fresh air." Each song was a journey, with the band navigating through a mix of poignant lyrics and upbeat, infectious melodies. Highlights included the lead single "All My Fault," which had the audience singing along with its catchy chorus. The live rendition of these songs added a new dimension, with the band's energy and passion palpable in every note.

One of the most striking aspects of the performance was the band’s ability to balance humor with heartfelt moments. Their stage banter was light and engaging, often drawing laughs from the crowd, yet when the music played, it was clear they were deeply connected to their craft. This duality is a hallmark of Fantastic Cat’s appeal, blending the absurd with the sincere in a way that feels both fresh and authentic.

Photos: Ehud Lazin

The night was not just a celebration of the new release but also a demonstration of the band’s growth and evolution. The collective songwriting on the new album, a departure from their previous works where each member showcased their individual songwriting, was evident in the cohesive and polished performance. The harmonies were tight, the musicianship impeccable, and the overall vibe one of camaraderie and joy.

As the concert drew to a close, the audience was left wanting more, a clear indicator of the night’s success. Fantastic Cat’s performance at Brooklyn Made was a triumphant celebration of their new album and a reminder of why they are considered one of the most exciting bands in the folk-rock scene today.

Fantastic Cat's record release blowout at Brooklyn Made was an intoxicating blend of humor, heart, and high-energy performances. With their latest album already making waves, this concert solidified their status as a band to watch. Fans left the venue buzzing with excitement, eagerly anticipating what Fantastic Cat will deliver next.




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