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A Night of Musical Mastery with King's X Tally Ho Theater Leesburg, VA

King's -X Tally Ho Leesburg VA
Photojournalist: Mick Sprouse

Since 1988, when they released their first album, Out of the Silent Planet, King’s X has long been considered an underrated progressive rock band by those in the know. Other musicians, and critics, are big time fans of the mid-western trio with the great songs full of fantastic guitar tones, soulful lyrics and three way harmonies.

Debuting during the late 80’s hair metal days, King’s X didn’t follow the sky high hair and neon leopard print skin tight pants look. Instead the trio of Doug Pinnick, Ty Tabor and Jerry Gaskill, made gorgeous, three part harmony based rock and roll that was more about love and the search for life’s meaning than partying in the back seat of a Camaro on the Sunset Strip.

Eleven albums of critically acclaimed rock and roll followed over the next thirty years, along with multiple record labels, a new manager, broken marriages and serious health issues (drummer Jerry had two heart attacks) which led to a 14 year gap between their last album, 2008’s XV and their latest, Three Sides of One, which was released in 2022.

Touring in support of Three Sides of One, their 13th album, King’s X played at the Tally Ho theater in Leesburg, Va on Saturday night.

Bassist and main singer, Pinnick brought gospel inflected vocals and a muscular bass rhythm to the songs he sang, while lead guitarist Ty employed off beat prog pop guitar work and bright riffs as part of his signature sound. Jerry, the drummer, added a solid propulsive drum beat and luscious vocal harmonies to every song.

Despite having microphone issues at the start of the set, Doug displayed an intensity and power with his vocals throughout the night. Ty had a smile on his face pretty much from the opening note and Jerry frequently joined in, smiling along with the guitarist, while also losing himself in his drumming and singing.

The majority of the nights 18 song set consisted of seven tunes from their new album along with songs from throughout their 43 year career mixed in, although two of their biggest, Over My Head and It’s Love were strangely absent. After they finished with their main set, the band briefly left the stage then returned to loud cheers from the faithful in the crowded theater.

For the last song of the night, Goldilox, the band turned their microphones to face the crowd and watched with smiles on their faces as their fans sang the complete song to end the show.

King’s X left the stage smiling and exhausted, while the raucous crowd cheered and high fived them all the way to the backstage area.

King’s X are currently touring the US in support of their new album, Three Sides of One.

Doug Pinnick – bass, lead vocals

Ty Tabor – guitar, vocals

Jerry Gaskill – drums, vocals


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