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A Night to Remember: The Teskey Brothers Illuminate Brooklyn Paramount

Photo: Ehud Lazin

The Teskey Brothers, an Australian band from Warrandyte, Victoria, have been winning hearts with their soulful mix of blues and rock since 2008. Formed by brothers Josh and Sam Teskey, along with Brendon Love and Liam Gough, their music feels like a trip back to the golden days of Motown and Stax Records. They’ve built a solid fanbase and earned critical acclaim for their heartfelt, vintage sound.

On June 19, 2024, they brought their soulful tunes to the Brooklyn Paramount. The venue, with its old-school charm and intimate setting, was the perfect place for a night of raw, emotional music.

They started the night with "Pain and Misery," instantly pulling the crowd into their world. Josh Teskey's gritty, soulful voice set the tone, making everyone feel the weight of the song’s emotion.

Next up was "Man of the Universe," which got everyone moving with its lively beat. The band's chemistry was clear, with Sam Teskey’s guitar riffs dancing effortlessly around the rhythm section.

"Crying Shame" brought a wave of sadness, touching everyone with its soulful lament. The Teskey Brothers have a knack for storytelling, and this song showcased their ability to convey deep feelings through their music.

"Oceans of Emotions," a newer track, stood out with its rich sound and heartfelt lyrics. It showed the band’s growth and depth. "Take My Heart" and "So Caught Up" continued to draw the crowd in with their soulful tunes and reflective lyrics.

"I Get Up" lifted the energy, its funky groove getting people to their feet. The hauntingly beautiful "Rain" followed, bringing a quiet, reflective moment to the night.

"Carry Me Home" and "Blind Without You" showed the band’s versatility, moving from tender ballads to powerful anthems. "Paint My Heart" was a highlight, with Josh Teskey’s vocals filled with passion and sincerity.

The set wrapped up with "What Will Be," a thoughtful, contemplative song that left everyone wanting more. The band returned for an encore that hit all the right notes.

Photos: Ehud Lazin

Their cover of Otis Redding's "Try a Little Tenderness" was a special moment, paying tribute to their roots while adding their own twist. "Forever You and Me" and "Hold Me" ended the night on a high note, with the band's warmth and connection with the audience shining through.

The Teskey Brothers’ performance at the Brooklyn Paramount was a night of genuine, soulful music. Their blend of old-school influences and modern style created an unforgettable experience. It was a night filled with emotion, passion, and top-notch musicianship, proving once again why they’re so beloved in the world of blues and soul. The Teskey Brothers' tour continues overseas, with upcoming performances at the Festival Internacional de Benicàssim in Benicàssim, Spain, followed by shows in Madrid, the UK, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany and more!



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