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A Soul-Stirring Night with Tab Benoit at Elevation 27

Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

I had the absolute pleasure of attending a Tab Benoit performance at Elevation 27, and it was nothing short of stellar. For those familiar with Benoit's style, the blues veteran did not disappoint. But for the uninitiated, prepare to be blown away - Tab Benoit is the epitome of an artist who not only plays music, but feels and lives it.

The venue, Elevation 27, added an extra layer of charm to the night. It is a haven for music lovers, with its intimate setting and excellent acoustics. The relatively small size allowed for an intimate experience where every note Benoit played on his guitar felt like it was exclusively for each audience member.

Benoit arrived on stage with an infectious smile and the look of a man who has dedicated his life to his passion. His guitar, scarred by the countless hours of use, was an extension of the man himself. From the moment he strummed his first chord, the air was thick with energy and soul, and you knew you were in for a treat.

His performance was a beautiful melange of his best works. Songs like "Medicine" and "Shelter Me" had the crowd swaying, absorbing the delicious blend of blues, jazz, and roots music. What made this performance stand out was Benoit's raw emotion. The feeling he puts into every chord, every lyric, resonates with you. It's like he's sharing his personal diary, and you're invited to read it.

His guitar work was truly extraordinary. The riffs were authentic, fiery, and seemed to tell stories of their own. You could feel the pain, the joy, the life experiences in every bend, every pick of the strings. It was awe-inspiring to watch him effortlessly draw such emotion from his instrument.

Benoit's voice - raw, husky, and laden with the emotion of the deep South - was the perfect companion to his expert guitar work. His vocal performance on "Darkness," a poignant tune about life and struggles, was a masterclass in emotional storytelling through music.

The band was tight, complimenting Benoit's performance perfectly. Harmonica solos added a rich, textured layer to the music that had the crowd hollering for more. The rhythm section kept a steady, pulsating heartbeat throughout the night that was impossible not to move to.

The real gem of the evening, however, was Benoit's charisma. He wasn't just performing; he was sharing stories, cracking jokes, engaging with the audience. It felt like we were all guests at a friendly gathering, not just spectators at a concert.

When the night came to an end, the standing ovation that greeted Benoit was proof enough of his spellbinding performance. As the crowd poured out into the Virginia Beach night, there was a shared sense of having experienced something truly special.

Tab Benoit at Elevation 27 was a night of electrifying music, raw emotion, and shared experience that reminded us all of the power and soul of live music. If you ever get the chance to see him perform live, I strongly recommend you take it. It is not just a concert; it's an experience. You pick up some great Tab Benoit merch on his website.



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