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Album Review: Beartooth -"The Surface"

A decade ago, a young and raw Caleb Shomo channeled his inner demons into music. Beartooth was born, a visceral diary of anger and depression etched into melodies and lyrics. Now, at 30, Shomo releases Beartooth's fifth album, "The Surface," a culmination of this era and a heralding of a fresh chapter characterized by unexpected optimism and unfiltered honesty.

In his basement studio, Shomo became a one-man band, crafting furious yet melodic tracks that served as cathartic reflections of his darkest moments. Fast forward to today, and the puzzle pieces of Shomo's creative journey have seamlessly connected in title, sound, and spirit.

"The Surface" doesn't shy away from the battles with depression; it remains an aggressive, loathsome beast beneath. However, Shomo stands defiant, ready to embrace the light. Much like Nine Inch Nails, Beartooth remains a solitary force in the studio.

From their introductory EP "Sick" in 2013 to 2014's "Disgusting," Beartooth catapulted into the limelight with their first gold single, "In Between." Subsequent albums delved deeper into realms of desperation and pain, inching closer to a harmonious blend of raw intensity and modernity.

Beartooth's music has resonated with countless souls grappling with self-acceptance. Their 2021 release, "Below," soared to the top of rock and alternative charts and found its place on numerous Best Rock/Metal Albums of the Year lists. With a catalog boasting 1 billion streams across all platforms as of 2023, Beartooth's enduring impact is undeniable.

Beartooth's inception was explosive and therapeutic—a resounding refusal to suffer in silence. Their music transcends typical genres, serving as a lifeline and a bridge between life and death. Forbes' prediction of the band becoming an arena headliner is one step closer to realization. Beartooth has evolved from a storm of anguish into a force of redemption, leaving a lasting mark on the hearts and souls of their listeners. "The Surface" is a testament to their unwavering journey. Pick up a copy of their NEW CD on Amazon today!

Rock on!


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