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ALBUM Review: MAMMOTHOR-A Thunderous Force in Hard Rock/Metal

Mammothor, an American hard rock/metal band hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, has been a powerhouse on the music scene since its inception in 2012. Founded by lead guitarist Josh Johnson, the band has been together in its current lineup for the past three years. The name 'Mammothor,' inspired by the might of a mammoth and Thor, the God of Thunder, embodies the band's powerful and eclectic sound.

Photo credit: Anthony Gomez/4th Wall Visuals

Frontman Travis Lowell, formerly of Ashes to Embers, offers dynamic vocal range and compelling stage presence. Johnson, a Berklee graduate who studied under guitar legend Joe Stump, lays down intricate riffs and explosive solos. Rhythm guitarist Alex Muss honed his skills in the Belarusian metal band Slave of Insanity, complementing Johnson's lead. The rhythm section, consisting of bassist Lori Gangi and drummer Euz Azevedo from Das Muerte, anchors the band’s sound, adding both stability and depth.

Mammothor’s musical style ranges broadly, influenced by genres as varied as blues rock, classic rock, funk, and even death metal/prog metal. While songwriting typically begins with one of the guitarists bringing a riff to the table, the band collaborates to flesh out the composition, lending a dynamic flair to their music. Their approach to themes and messages is quite organic; they focus on what feels relevant at the moment, rather than adhering to a fixed narrative.

Mammothor's latest album, "Lies By Omission," serves as a testament to the band's enduring dedication to musical and production excellence. This album not only reinforces their already established prowess but also shows a more nuanced layer of their artistry, making it a significant addition to their discography. With their characteristic hard-hitting riffs, complex rhythms, and compelling lyrics, "Lies By Omission" is an album that promises to deliver on all fronts. If you're a fan of hard rock and metal, missing out on this album would be an omission you'd regret. Mammothor is clearly a band on a relentless ascent, and "Lies By Omission" is a milestone you'll want to experience.

Photo credit: Anthony Gomez/4th Wall Visuals

What sets Mammothor apart during live shows is not just the quality of sound but also their attention to stage production and the electrifying energy they deliver. Their next scheduled performance is on December 16th at the Queen City Cinema Club in Bangor, ME. When it comes to preparing for live shows, the band’s philosophy is straightforward: "We show up on time, locked and loaded, ready to rock!"

Mammothor stays engaged with their fans via social media platforms like Instagram (@xmammothorx) and Facebook (

Their advice to up-and-coming artists is as solid as their music: "Work hard, network, have a professional attitude, and respect other people's time."

Mammothor is a band that takes its art seriously, constantly pushing musical boundaries while delivering powerhouse performances. With their rich influences, dedicated members, and a no-nonsense approach to music-making, they're a band you won't want to miss. Check out some super cool merch and pick up the latest album at their online shop.

Rock On & Stay Tuned!


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