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Album Review: "Terrasite" by CATTLE DECAPITATION

Here they go again, surpassing our already sky-high expectations! With "Terrasite", CATTLE DECAPITATION delves deep into the existential crises of our times, compelling listeners to confront the uncomfortable truth: Have we become the very parasites draining our planet, our Terra?

The album kicks off with a robust impact in "Terrasidic Adaption", setting the stage for what's to come. By the time you reach the profound, gut-wrenching finale, "Just Another Body", it becomes evident that the band has succeeded in eliciting a range of emotions most bands can only dream of invoking. The essence of their familiar sound — that unmistakable whirlwind of intense drumming, intricate guitar play, and a ferocious vocal range — is all here.

"Scourge Of The Offspring" emerges as an early gem in the collection, blending dark themes with an irresistibly compelling rhythm. Despite its grim narrative of human over-consumption and legacy, the track dares listeners to resist its infectious beat, especially given its poignant nods to recent global events like COVID-19.

Remarkably, the album doesn't just dwell in the heavy. Several tracks, reminiscent of their work since "Monolith Of Inhumanity", offer memorable hooks that embed themselves in the listener's psyche. Lines like "We Eat Our Young!" and the eerie chant "We have always been the virus" are testament to the band's knack for unforgettable lyrical creativity.

Vocalist Travis Ryan, famed for his distinctive ‘goblin’ timbre, has subtly shifted his style this time around. Whereas previous albums like "Death Atlas" might have leaned heavily into this unique voice, "Terrasite" uses it sparingly, heightening its impact when it does make an appearance. Beyond his unmistakable tones, Ryan's vocal clarity stands out in the metal genre, amplifying the profoundness of the lyrics.

Each band member's expertise shines brightly in "Terrasite". Olivier Pinard's bass, especially in tracks like "The Storm Upstairs", adds layers of depth, meshing perfectly with David McGraw's precise drumming. Guitarists Josh Elmore and Belisario Dimuzio harmoniously blend their skills, with tracks like "A Photic Doom" encapsulating the best of their collaborative genius.

The album's thematic core, as the title "Terrasite" suggests (a term coined by Ryan to depict a leeching off the Earth), is an impassioned call to recognize the damage humanity inflicts on the planet. This sentiment is particularly poignant in the somber "Just Another Body", a track tinged with personal grief and a refreshing vocal approach from Ryan.

"Terrasite", CATTLE DECAPITATION once again reaffirms their top-tier status in the realm of death metal narrative. Consistently outdoing themselves since the lauded "Monolith Of Inhumanity", they present yet another potential contender for the album of the year. You can pick up a copy of Terrasite on Amazon with this link!

As foreboding as their music may be, one can't help but feel that if the apocalypse had a soundtrack, this band would be at its helm. ;) You can check out their music in Virginia Beach at Peabody's Night Club on November 25, 2023 @ 7pm.



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