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Album Review: "War Of Being" by TesseracT

A half decade since the critically acclaimed Sonder, UK's prog-metal luminaries, TesseracT, grace the music scene with their riveting fifth album, War Of Being. Released September 15, 2023 by Kscope

Opening with the audacious "Natural Disaster," the band immediately sets the tone, tearing down any pre-set boundaries and immersing the listener in their innovative soundscapes. The allure continues with tracks like the mesmeric "Legion," guiding us deeper into the album's heart. And at this center, the eponymous track "War Of Being" stands tall—a sprawling 11-minute aural journey that balances deft intricacy with overpowering might.

Adding depth to their sonic narrative, the evocative melodies of "The Grey" and the earnest emotion of "Burden" showcase the band in a tender, introspective light. These moments of vulnerability transform War Of Being from merely an album into a poignant testament to TesseracT's artistic prowess and the profound emotions driving their music.

The cohesive collaboration of Acle Kahney, Daniel Tompkins, Amos Williams, Jay Postones, and James Monteith crafts an unforgettable auditory experience. Their collective artistry shines bright, establishing War Of Being as not just an album, but an immersive soundscape that demands repeated listening.

For those looking to witness their sonic genius live, TesseracT will be showcasing tracks from War Of Being at the Norva on October 7, 2023. Pick up tickets at the Norva online. Given the brilliance of this release, the concert promises to be an electrifying experience, fusing the raw energy of their live performance with the deep intricacies of their latest work. Don't miss it. You can pick up merch at or a copy of their CD on Amazon.

See you at the show!



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