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Amorphis: Three Decades of Musical Evolution and the Resilient 'Queen Of Time (Live At Tavastia 2021

Formed in Helsinki in 1990, Amorphis stands as one of Finland's most versatile and long-lasting metal bands. Originating with a death metal orientation, the group has evolved to encompass a broad spectrum of styles, including progressive metal, folk metal, and melodic death metal. This musical evolution contributes to their enduring significance in the Finnish and global metal landscapes.

Amorphis is renowned for drawing inspiration from Finnish folklore and mythology, most notably the Kalevala, imbuing their music with rich thematic material and a narrative depth. Their acclaimed discography includes landmark albums like "Tales from the Thousand Lakes" (1994), a pioneering work in folk-influenced death metal, and "Eclipse" (2006), which signaled a shift towards a more melodic and progressive direction.

Though the band's lineup has experienced changes over its extensive career, they have also enjoyed periods of stability. Their music continues to capture the attention of fans both in Finland and internationally. Amorphis has not only released several critically lauded albums but has also been a fixture at major metal festivals worldwide, further cementing their global reputation.

Navigating the challenges posed by the pandemic, Amorphis utilized their time to create a dynamic live album titled "Queen Of Time (Live At Tavastia 2021)." This release is now available as a 2-Disc-Jewelcase that includes both an audio CD and a BluRay of the performance. During a time when live music was largely inaccessible, this album serves as a testament to the band's resilience and continued commitment to their craft.


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