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An Unforgettable Night with +Live+: Rock Legends Ignite the Ridgefield Playhouse

+Live+ at The Ridgefield Playhouse
Photographer: ©Ehud Lazin

Last night, the iconic rock band +Live+ delivered a truly EPIC performance at the Ridgefield Playhouse in Ridgefield, CT, that can only be described as a profound musical journey, leaving everyone both mesmerized and exhilarated. From the moment they kicked off the evening with "The Dam at Otter Creek," it was clear that the band was on a mission to reconnect with their fans on a deep, emotional level.

The setlist was a masterful blend of raw energy, lyrical depth, and musical finesse, showcasing the band's incredible range and their ability to tug at the heartstrings while simultaneously rocking the house down. "Selling the Drama" and "All Over You" reminded us of +Live+'s unique place in the rock pantheon, delivering powerful messages through compelling lyrics and unforgettable melodies.

One of the evening's highlights was the performance of "The Beauty of Gray," a song that resonates with its call for unity and understanding in a divided world. It was a poignant reminder of music's power to heal and bring people together. Similarly, "They Stood Up for Love" provided a moment of uplifting beauty, emphasizing the importance of love and compassion in today's society.

"I Alone" and "Lakini's Juice" were absolute standouts, showcasing the band's rock prowess and the raw intensity of Ed Kowalczyk's vocals. The crowd was on its feet, completely captivated by the energy and passion emanating from the stage. The newer tracks, such as "Ghost" and "Leave the radio on," demonstrated the band's evolution while staying true to their core sound, a testament to their ongoing creativity and relevance.

The encore was nothing short of spectacular, with "The Dolphin's Cry" and "Lightning Crashes" evoking a wave of nostalgia and collective sing-alongs that underscored the shared history between the band and their fans. Closing the night with "Dance With You," +Live+ left everyone with a sense of unity and a reminder of the transformative power of music.

In all, an evening with +Live+ at the Ridgefield Playhouse was an unforgettable experience that highlighted the band's enduring appeal and their ability to connect with fans on a profound level. Their performance was a reminder of why they remain one of the most beloved and impactful bands in the rock genre. It was an awesome night of music that will be remembered and cherished by those fortunate enough to have been there. This is one show that you won't want to miss!



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