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Artist Spotlight: Anythony rosano& the conqueroos

Acclaimed local singer, guitarist, songwriter, and bandleader, Anthony Rosano, has a natural gravitation towards authenticity, depth, and the profound connection born from music-making. While deeply rooted in the blues, he derives inspiration from a myriad of historical influences. Rosano seamlessly combines traditional blues and roots with a fresh, rock-driven approach.

Reflecting on his musical journey, Rosano has shared, “As a teenager, I was into all the British bands that took their cues from the blues. I was still a novice on guitar when I read an interview with Glen Tipton, the guitarist from Judas Priest. He mentioned that Peter Green, the genius guitar player for the original Fleetwood Mac, was his main influence, and he cited ‘Green Manalishi’ as the song that had inspired him early on. I found a copy of Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac album recorded live at the Boston Tea Party, and after soaking it all up, it led me to John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, which, in turn, led me to the original blues masters like Freddy King and Muddy Waters. As everything fell into place, I quickly realized that all my favorite songs by my favorite bands were actually blues songs! The feeling I got from those songs became a kind of spiritual connection, one that originated when the English took it upon themselves to emulate the authentic sound of true American soul, and then share it with the rest of the world. It became a transatlantic and universal phenomenon.”

"Cheat The Devil" resonates with vibrant energy, accentuating foundational blues elements. Rosano maintains a spirited and dynamic presence, even as he acknowledges in his song that "Ol’ Scratch will emerge victorious in this life or the next." His innate understanding of this intense, evocative blues style is conveyed with unmatched zeal. For a raw, earthy musical experience, look no further than Rosano and his ensemble.

Rosano, alongside his band The Conqueroos — with Anthony on guitar and vocals, Kyle McCormick on drums, and Jake Fultz on bass — has garnered the admiration of diverse audiences, sharing stages with the likes of Bob Seger, ZZ Top, and more.

Their synergy with Tab Benoit led to the upcoming album, "Cheat The Devil", with Benoit at the helm of production. Recorded at Whiskey Bayou Studio and slated for release under Whiskey Bayou Records, this album underscores the band's live energy. The album, which ascended the Billboard and iTunes Blues charts, resonates with audiences ranging from blues purists to fervent Metallica fans.

“We had a great time making this record,” Anthony recalls. “Tab is a great guy to hang with and we share similar musical influences and sensibilities. Before going into the studio, we talked about our favorite records and how most of them were recorded live. This record is strictly three guys, all together in the same room playing live in the studio. We had talked about bringing in other musicians on certain songs, but Tab convinced us to maintain the power trio format that reflects our true live sound. There were no overdubs and no edits, and it was mixed directly to tape. Ultimately, we captured the perfect vibe and ended up with a perfectly imperfect organic record.”

Paul Shugrue of NPR / WHRV Out of the Box encapsulates Rosano’s prowess, remarking, “Rosano is a top-notch triple threat: guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter.”

With an upcoming tour and numerous accolades, Anthony's commitment to his craft remains evident. Balancing colossal stages with intimate gigs, he's unwavering in his dedication to music. You can pick up his latest music at Amazon!


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