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Ascend Through Abrasion: Code Orange's 'The Above' - A Harrowing Dive into Evolutionary Hardcore

Titled "The Above," Code Orange's latest album release continues their tradition of sonic abrasion and boundary-pushing within the hardcore genre.

Building upon their established reputation, this offering, out via Blue Grape Music since September 29th, marks a significant addition to their discography, showcasing self-production by members Jami Morgan and Eric "Shade" Balderose, with esteemed engineer Steve Albini heightening the record's raw intensity.

"The Above" propels the listener into the depths of Code Orange's evolution, combining their hallmark chaotic instrumentals with a matured, experimental edge.

The dissonant guitar riffs and pounding drums that have been the backbone of their sound are ever-present, but there's a new layer of complexity in the arrangements, hinting at their continuous innovation.

Code Orange's duality of harsh screams and unexpected clear vocal interludes are a journey through contrast, reflecting the album's theme of transcending above the fray. The band's commitment to evolution without losing the gritty core of their identity makes "The Above" not just a continuation but a defining moment in their trajectory, affirming their role as not just participants but leaders in the hardcore scene.

The energy and aggression that fans have come to expect from Code Orange's live performances pulsate through each track, while the band's DIY ethos in self-production proves their multifaceted talents extend beyond just musicianship. With "The Above," Code Orange does not just revisit their roots but also plants new seeds, hinting at a future where the ceiling of hardcore's potential is constantly being shattered.



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