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Bad Wolves: Reshaping Metal Music - An Insightful Chat with Doc Coyle

Bad Wolves Interview with Doc Coyle

In a fascinating glimpse into the metal music scene, East Coast Music Review caught up with none other than Doc Coyle, the guitar maestro of Bad Wolves, whose strings have not just plucked at instruments but at the heartstrings of metal enthusiasts worldwide. Coyle, known for redefining boundaries and pushing the genre into new territories, shared insights on the band's genesis, evolution, and what lies ahead.

Bad Wolves burst onto the scene in 2018, quickly establishing themselves with a blend of aggressive riffs, complex rhythms, and catchy hooks that defied metal norms. Yet, as Coyle humbly points out, the credit for the band's foundation goes back to drummer John Boecklin and former guitarist Max Karon. It was their vision, influenced by the changing tides of metal music, that laid the groundwork. Coyle's entry into the band in 2016 marked a new chapter, contributing to their sharp, focused, and hook-laden sound that would define their hits.

Reflecting on the band's journey, Coyle recounted the transition from six-minute prog epics to three-minute hard-hitting tracks that would catapult Bad Wolves to the forefront of modern metal. The strategic move to sign with Better Noise brought commercial success, with tracks like "Remember When" and "Zombie" showcasing the band's versatility and broad appeal.

Coyle's modesty shines through as he discusses his role: "I'm not the designer of the Bad Wolves sound. I'm more of like a contributor to something that was already existing." This collaborative spirit is evident in the band's creative process, where each member brings a unique element to the table, blending heavy, groovy, and modern sounds with a vibe that sets them apart.

The conversation took an exciting turn as Coyle shared the band's experience returning to live performances post-COVID, particularly their anticipation for playing at UFest alongside legendary bands. The pandemic, while a challenging period, was also a time of prolific output for Bad Wolves, releasing four albums in five years, a testament to their relentless drive and creative energy. Get tickets Bad Wolves and UFEST Below!

Discussing the band's latest tracks, "Knife" and "Legends Never Die," Coyle delved into the creative process, highlighting the collaborative sessions that birth these dynamic songs. The addition of AJ Robolo to the lineup brings a new dimension to Bad Wolves' sound, promising an exciting future direction for the band.

Coyle's diverse influences, from Slash to Meshuggah, and his expansive taste in music, play a significant role in his guitar work, adding layers and depth to Bad Wolves' sound. His passion extends beyond music to film, basketball, and fitness, showcasing a multifaceted personality that enriches his musical output.

As Bad Wolves gear up for a full US tour, Coyle's excitement is palpable. The band's journey, marked by highs and lows, changes and constants, reflects a group that's continuously evolving while staying true to its core. With Coyle's guitar work and the collective talent of Bad Wolves, the band is set to scale new heights, bringing their unique blend of metal to fans old and new.

Coyle's backstory story with Bad Wolves is one of resilience, evolution, and unyielding passion for music. As they prepare to hit the road and bring their electrifying performances to stages across the US, one thing is clear: Bad Wolves are not just part of the metal scene; they're defining it!

We look forward to catching up with Doc again this year! Keep supporting music and visit Bad Wolves website for some great music and merch!

"When Words Fail Music Speaks" - Hans Christian Andersen


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