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Can't Find the Brakes: Dirty Honey's Explosive Continuum of Rock

"Can't Find the Brakes," the aptly named sophomore album by Dirty Honey, delivers an electrifying escapade into the depths of rock'n'roll's heart. With its release set for the coming fall, the album is poised to take fans on a headlong dive through the visceral realms of love, passion, loss, and redemption.

The record comprises eleven tracks that serve as an audacious expedition across a rugged musical landscape, where the down-and-dirty ethos of blues-rock is the guiding force. In this sonic narrative, Dirty Honey displays a panoramic array of emotions, from the fiery, guitar-driven anthems that embody the recklessness of a runaway train, to the delicate, soul-stirring ballads that piece together the heart with every strum.

Vocalist Marc LaBelle commands the helm with a vocal prowess that raises the bar for rock frontmen, delivering each line with a passion that's both invigorating and poignant. Guitarist John Notto's riffs are a masterclass in rock virtuosity—savory and rich, adding layers of complexity to the album's robust sound. The rhythmic foundation laid by bassist Justin Smolian is unmistakably profound, offering a sonorous tone that carries the weight of the band's expansive sound, while the new dynamo behind the drums, Jaydon Bean, propels the group with a fierce energy that's both refreshing and relentless.

"Can't Find the Brakes" is more than a collection of tracks; it's a testament to Dirty Honey's growth as artists and their unwavering commitment to their craft. Each song is a fresh revelation of their ability to evolve within their genre while staying true to their blues-rock roots. With this release, Dirty Honey doesn't just continue the lineage of rock greats; they charge forward, blazing a trail of their own with power and a commanding presence that refuses to be ignored.

As the follow-up to their groundbreaking debut, "Can't Find the Brakes" secures Dirty Honey's position in the rock pantheon as they continue to forge a legacy marked by fervent lyrics, robust guitar licks, and soul-shaking rhythms. It's a ride without restraint, and Dirty Honey invites listeners to lose the brakes and surrender to the momentum of raw, unadulterated rock'n'roll.


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