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Celestial Soundscapes: The Church Transcends Time at Brooklyn Paramount

Photo: Ehud Lazin

The Church, the legendary Australian rock band formed in Sydney in 1980, graced the stage at the Brooklyn Paramount on June 20, 2024. Known for their ethereal soundscapes and poetic lyrics, they delivered a performance that was both nostalgic and refreshingly new, capturing the hearts of longtime fans and newcomers alike.

The evening began with "The Hypnogogue," setting an atmospheric tone that immediately drew the audience into The Church’s world. The band's ability to create a mood with their music was evident from the first notes, and Steve Kilbey’s haunting vocals carried the song’s dreamlike quality perfectly.

"Myrrh" followed, its jangly guitars and hypnotic rhythm a throwback to the band's earlier days. The crowd responded warmly, swaying to the familiar sounds that have defined The Church’s career. The energy continued to build with "Metropolis," a track that highlighted the band's knack for blending catchy melodies with intricate instrumentation.

"C'est la vie" brought a touch of melancholy to the set, its reflective lyrics resonating deeply with the audience. "No Other You" maintained this introspective vibe, showcasing the band's ability to balance emotion with musical complexity.

Of course, no Church concert would be complete without their iconic hit, "Under the Milky Way." As the opening chords echoed through the venue, a collective cheer rose from the crowd. The song’s timeless beauty was evident, and Kilbey’s delivery was as poignant as ever, leaving many in the audience visibly moved.

"An Interlude" and "Flickering Lights" offered moments of serene beauty, their gentle melodies and lyrical depth providing a calm center to the set. The intensity picked up again with "Reptile," a fan favorite that brought a darker, more urgent energy to the performance.

"Realm of Minor Angels" and "Grind" showcased the band’s range, from the ethereal to the gritty, each song painting vivid musical landscapes. The intricate guitar work of Ian Haug and the steady rhythm section added layers of depth to these performances.

Photos: Ehud Lazin

As the concert neared its end, "Last Melody" provided a poignant penultimate moment, its haunting refrain lingering in the air. The night concluded with "You Took," a powerful closer that encapsulated The Church’s enduring appeal. The energy in the room was electric, with the audience fully immersed in the band’s sonic journey.

The Church’s ability to blend old favorites with new material created a rich, immersive experience. Steve Kilbey’s charismatic stage presence, combined with the band's tight musicianship, made for a night that was both nostalgic and full of fresh surprises. It was a reminder of why The Church has remained a beloved and influential force in the world of rock music for over four decades.




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