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Circle Jerks Ignite Brooklyn: A Fiery Farewell Before the European Invasion

Photographer: Ehud Lazin

The Circle Jerks' final U.S. performance at the Brooklyn Paramount on April 13, 2024, was nothing short of spectacular, encapsulating over four decades of punk rock vigor and defiance before embarking on their European tour. From the moment Keith Morris stepped onto the stage, the atmosphere was electric, filled with anticipation and the kind of raw energy that only iconic bands like the Circle Jerks can command.

The show kicked off with "Deny Everything," a track that set the tone with its brisk pace and unapologetic attitude. This was followed by a charismatic introduction of each band member, drawing cheers that shook the venue. Greg Hetson's guitar work was as sharp and energetic as ever, cutting through the venue with melodic precision, while the rhythm section, featuring Zander Schloss on bass and Joey Castillo on drums, drove the performance with relentless power.

The setlist was a masterful roundup of the band's career, featuring 29 songs that ranged from their earliest hits to deeper cuts. "Letterbomb" and "In Your Eyes" were delivered with the kind of passion and chaos that reminded everyone why punk rock never really ages. Their cover of Garland Jeffreys' "Wild in the Streets" was a highlight, transforming the track into a Circle Jerks anthem with a raucous sing-along from the audience.

Tracks like "Beverly Hills" and "When the Shit Hits the Fan" showcased their ability to blend humor and critique, while the furious tempos of "World Up My Ass" and "Red Tape" were exhilarating, proving that the band hasn't lost a step. The poignant energy of "Question Authority" seemed particularly resonant, resonating with both older fans and a new generation of punk enthusiasts.

Photographer: Ehud Lazin

The performance was not just a display of endurance but a vivid reminder of the Circle Jerks' influence and legacy in punk music. It was a night that captured the band's enduring relevance and undying spirit, leaving the crowd buzzing with the raw, infectious energy that only a live punk show can offer.

As they left the stage, the applause was deafening, a fitting send-off for a band about to conquer Europe once again. The Circle Jerks remain a force to be reckoned with in the punk scene, their music as vital and incendiary as it was at their inception.



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