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Cody Christian: Strumming the Heartstrings of Americana

Cody Christian

In the heart of Virginia, where the vibrant sounds of country and Americana music echo through the rolling landscapes, Cody Christian and his band carve a distinct path that resonates deeply with their audience. With roots in Richmond and Virginia Beach, VA, Cody Christian, alongside bandmates Andrew Frech, Severin DiCroce, Ben Lassiter, and Ben Mekkes, brings a fresh, musical narrative that's both genuine and evocative.

Cody Christian's journey into music, backed by a decade of collaboration with Andrew Frech and Ben Mekkes, and a more recent amalgamation with Severin DiCroce and Ben Lassiter, has evolved into a sound that's distinctly their own. Each member brings a unique element to the band: Severin, the drummer, is the group's backbone and sound and tech guru; Andrew, the bass player, doubles as the marketing wizard and Cody's right-hand man; Ben Lassiter adds a touch of sass and, humorously, cannot drive; and Ben Mekkes sweetens everything up, living up to his role as the cherry on top.

Their music—a blend of country and Americana—is a testament to Cody's songwriting prowess, where he lays down the lyrics and the basic structure of a song, allowing each member to weave their magic, adding layers that transform each piece into a work of art. Managed by Erin Mooring at Steelhouse Management, the band is on a continuous journey of musical exploration and evolution.

What sets Cody Christian and his band apart is their commitment to producing music that mirrors the human experience in its entirety. Their influences, ranging from Tyler Childers and Needtobreathe to Pearl Jam and Charles Wesley Godwin, seep into their songs, creating a sound that's both familiar and innovative. Cody aims to write music that goes beyond the superficial, touching on the complexities of life that extend well beyond the weekend bonfires celebrated in much of commercial country music.

Their live shows are a testament to their unique approach to music, promising an energetic and immersive experience that varies with each performance. Preparation for their live shows is a blend of rigorous rehearsal and moments of quiet focus, particularly for Cody, who takes a few minutes before every show to relax and center himself.

In terms of promotion, Cody Christian and his band leverage the power of social media, with a significant presence on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, to connect with their audience and share their music.

Their advice to emerging artists is a reflection of their journey: to pursue music for the love of it, for anything less is likely to end in disappointment.

As they look to the future, Cody Christian and his band are always "cooking" up something new, with plans for their next projects and albums already underway. They remain dedicated to creating a sustainable business model that supports their creative endeavors and allows them to share their music with an ever-growing audience. For those eager to dive into Cody Christian's musical world, his Linktree provides a gateway to his music on platforms like YouTube and Spotify.

For updates on tours, concerts, and more, Cody Christian encourages fans and those interested in capturing the essence of their live performances through photography to reach out via As they continue to navigate the challenges and triumphs of the music industry, Cody Christian and his band remain a beacon of authenticity and creativity in the vast landscape of country and Americana music.

"When Words Fail Music Speaks" - Hans Christian Andersen


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