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Cole Swindell Lights Up Bridgeport: An Unforgettable Night at Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater

Photo: Jared Miller

The Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater in Bridgeport, CT, was alive with the sound of country music as Cole Swindell took the stage. Known for his blend of modern country sounds and traditional storytelling, Swindell delivered a performance that showcased his artistry and deep connection with the audience.

Cole Swindell, a Georgia native, has carved out a significant place in the country music scene since his breakthrough with "Chillin' It" in 2013. Initially gaining recognition as a songwriter for other country artists like Luke Bryan and Thomas Rhett, Swindell transitioned to a successful solo career with multiple chart-topping hits. His ability to blend relatable lyrics with catchy melodies has made him a favorite among country music fans.

The night began with the high-energy "Flatliner," immediately setting a lively tone for the evening. The crowd was on their feet, singing along to the infectious chorus. He followed up with "Love You Too Late," keeping the momentum going with its upbeat tempo and heartfelt lyrics.

As Swindell transitioned to "How Is She," the atmosphere became more introspective. His delivery was poignant, resonating with those who have experienced the pain of a breakup. This emotional depth continued with "Ain't Worth the Whiskey," a crowd favorite that had everyone raising their glasses in solidarity.

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the live debut of his new track, "Forever to Me." This song captivated the audience with its tender lyrics and Swindell's sincere performance. It’s a testament to his growth as an artist, showcasing a maturity in both songwriting and delivery that left a lasting impression.

Swindell seamlessly moved through his setlist, including hits like "Middle of a Memory," "Hope You Get Lonely Tonight," and "20 in a Chevy." Each song was met with enthusiastic applause, proving his enduring popularity and the deep connection his music fosters with fans.

Photos: Jared Miller

"Sad Ass Country Song" and "Break Up in the End" brought a raw, emotional edge to the performance. Swindell's ability to convey heartbreak and resilience in these tracks added a layer of authenticity to the concert, making these moments particularly memorable.

The medley of "Roller Coaster," "Get Me Some of That," and "This Is How We Roll" injected a burst of energy into the set, with the crowd dancing and singing along. Swindell’s breakout hit, "Chillin' It," followed, solidifying its place as an essential part of his repertoire. Closing the main set with "You Should Be Here," Swindell paid tribute to his late father. The song’s emotional weight and Swindell's heartfelt delivery created a poignant moment, with many in the audience visibly moved.

The encore featured "Never Say Never," a powerful duet with Lainey Wilson via video, and the high-energy "Drinkaby," leaving the crowd exhilarated. The evening concluded with a medley of country classics, ending on the high note of "She Had Me at Heads Carolina," a nostalgic and fitting finale.

Cole Swindell’s performance at the Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater was a masterclass in modern country music. His ability to blend upbeat anthems with deeply personal ballads created a dynamic and engaging concert experience. Swindell's connection with his audience was evident, making this a night to remember for all in attendance.

East Coast Music Review was there to capture the magic of the evening, where Cole Swindell proved once again why he’s a force to be reckoned with in the world of country music.





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