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Dark Wave OG James Baker Rebirths RORSCHACH TEST Celebrates Goth Day with "Fallen" Lyric Video Premiere at Outburn

Following years of silence since their last release, Rorschach Test re-emerged in 2024 with a new single in tow - “Fallen” - the Title Track from the forthcoming new album.

Rorschach Test has returned with a mission to let people who suffer from mental health disorders, substance use disorders, and suicidal ideation know that they are not alone, that there is hope and help available. In the words of James Baker, “It’s never too late to come back from the darkest places a person can journey to.”

Rorschach Test’s new album will be released on October 31, 2024 via Unlabeled Artists.

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Rorschach Test is back, with a fresh lineup, renewed energy, and an important message amidst their darkly-toned native language of Gothic Industrial Metal. The root formula of Rorschach Test upholds its original concept: a cybernetic organism with an overlay of human flesh, portrayed sonically in the form of synthesizers and programming surrounded by live playing. What has changed, however, is the dynamic new alliance of founding vocalist James Baker with the creative addition of Kolby Peoples, and the inspiration and lyrical creations of the elusive and mysterious figure known as The Narcoleptic Goddess, AKA Christine Baker, James’ wife.

Compared to the radical rumors and tales of his rebellious past, James Baker has come full circle in embracing his identity as a person of faith, extending to his time spent the past several years as a hospice chaplain. He carries his own journey as a source of inspiration for himself and others, including through the non-profit record label of his own creation, Unlabeled Artists, empowering underserved communities to support themselves through their art.

An array of analog and traditional and vintage consoles, instruments, and equipment produced recordings of Rorschach Test, with the true integrity of a human touch provided by Mike Bolenbach (best known for Alice Cooper’s Welcome To My Nightmare) of Full Well Recording Studios, with Kolby Peoples co-producing.

Lyric inspirations are the result of growth and transformation, unapologetically addressing dark and difficult topics of realistic issues, negative archetypes, and struggles of humanity. Doing so through the lens of metal serves to address the darkest of sounds and subjects, understanding and embracing the shadows of life, inspiring freedom from them in the process.

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