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Deep Within Unleashed: A Raw Journey Through Sound and Soul

Recently, East Coast Music Review got to chill with Matt Wiggins from Deep Within, discussing their latest self-titled EP, life and Matt's newest movie project Elkwood! This isn't just another metal album; it's a ride that's as deep and complex as the band's name suggests. Matt and his crew—Joe Hawkins shredding the guitar, Jason Trevino killing it on bass, and Cody Hellion bringing the thunder on drums—have cooked up something special that's as much about rocking out as it is about making you think and feel.

The EP kicks off with "Fractured," a banging track that immediately lets you know what you're in for. It's like the band is saying, "Strap in, we're going on a @#$%! journey," and trust me, it's one heck of a ride! Matt's vocals hit you straight in the gut, raw and filled with emotion, while the rest of the band builds this intense, immersive world around him. Joe's guitar work isn't just loud; it's like he's speaking in riffs, telling a story all its own. And when Jason's bass and Cody's drums join in, it's not just music anymore—it's a full-on experience.

Deep Within isn't just sticking to the metal script. They're mixing things up, throwing in surprises that keep you guessing from one track to the next. Whether it's a bit of doom's gloom or the intricate twists of prog metal, each song on the EP is a new path to explore. And it's not just noise for the sake of noise. There's a method to the madness, with every detail from guitar tones to drum hits calculated to bring out the best in Matt's voice.

The lyrics across the EP dive into the tough stuff—battles, breaking points, and looking for light in the dark. Matt's got a way with words that makes you feel like he's talking right to you, sharing stories that might be personal but are universal enough that anyone can see a bit of themselves in them. It's this blend of powerhouse sound and meaningful messages that sets Deep Within apart.

And if you think the EP's something, just wait until you catch them live. The "Unhealthy Mechanisms" tour is set to light up stages across California and Arizona, with the band teaming up with the legendary Max Cavalera and "Go Ahead and Die." From The Dip in Redding to Puscifer the Store in Jerome, it's going to be an unforgettable run. If you're into music that's as real as it gets, with a side of headbanging and heart, you won't want to miss this.

So yeah, Deep Within's self-titled EP is a beast. It's got the riffs, the beats, the words, and most importantly, the heart. This isn't just a band cranking out tracks; it's a bunch of guys putting their all into music that matters to them, hoping it'll mean something to you too. And from what I've heard, they're just getting started.

You can follow Deep Within on their Facebook page, Spotify, Instagram or YouTube accounts.


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