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Electric Shred Goddess Ignites Pittsburgh: Nita Strauss's Historic Night at 'Spirit' Sets the City on Fire

Nita Strauss @ Spirit in Pittsburg PA
Photographer: Derek Tull

The "Spirit" Pittsburgh, March 8, 2024, turned into the hottest spot in town, all thanks to Nita Strauss.

This wasn't your average gig! Iron Brigade did more than just warm up the crowd, they set it on FIRE, perfectly priming us for the "The Hurricane" that was about to demolish the Spirit! Nita, with her killer guitar skills and stage vibe that's just out of this world, took us all on a wild ride.

Starting with "Summer Storm," she dove right into a set that felt like a personal tour through her career's best hits, showing off not just her insane guitar talents but how much she digs connecting with her audience through music.

Nita Strauss, not just any guitarist, has etched her name in the annals of rock history. From rocking out with the Iron Maidens to her role as Alice Cooper's lead guitarist and her successful solo career, Strauss has demonstrated time and again that she is a guitar force to be reckoned with. Her musicianship and dedication have earned her a place among the elite guitarists of our time, and her performance at "Spirit" was a testament to her journey and evolution as an artist.

Nita's concert kicked off with "Summer Storm," setting the tone for an evening of intense energy and musical mastery. The storm outside could not compare to the one Strauss unleashed with her guitar. Following up with "Our Most Desperate Hour" and "Mariana Trench," she took the audience on an emotional rollercoaster, showcasing her ability to blend technical skill with heartfelt emotion.

Then came "Alegria" and "The Quest" with a drum solo that was nothing short of epic, showing off the tight chemistry with her band. Hits like "The Wolf You Feed" and "Digital Bullets" were moments where Nita's storytelling through music really shone. And when "Dead Inside" hit, with its over 14.5 million Spotify plays, the crowd went wild, singing along to every word.

By the time she wrapped up with "Victorious" and then killed it with the Pantera cover "Cowboys From Hell," it was clear - Nita Strauss had not just met expectations; she blew all of them away. That night at "Spirit" was one for the books, a blast of pure rock energy that's hard to forget.

For those who were there, the night will forever be a cherished memory of raw energy, exhilarating music, and the unifying power of a live Nita Strauss concert.



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