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Emerging from Columbia, Missouri: Left On Red's Sonic Leap into the Music Scene

Just TWO weeks into its formation, Left On Red, a dynamic band from Columbia, Missouri, is already making waves in the music world.

The band's lineup consists of Myles Clayborne (vocals and recording duties), Shea Spence (drums), Corey Harness (guitar), and Anthony Brummer (bass). Each member brings their unique experience and skill to the group, creating a dream team of musicians.

Myles, doubling as the drummer for SAUL, leads the vocal charge with his extensive background in music production and performance. Shea, a member of "The Many Colored Death," is praised for her remarkable drumming skills. Corey, with his history in "Red Room," brings a captivating energy to the guitar, and Anthony, the bassist from "Conman Economy," anchors the group with his robust bass lines.

Left On Red offers a unique blend of Metalcore and Pop Punk, creating what they like to call 'Easycore.' Their sound is a balanced mix of chaos and control, aiming to make listeners move and smile throughout their performances. The band's major influences include A Day to Remember, Bad Omens, Wage War, Sleep Token, Neck Deep, and Coheed and Cambria.

One of the key messages Left On Red wants to convey through their music is the importance of mental health and healthy relationships. They aspire to touch their audience's hearts, assuring them that they are loved, important, and never alone.

Their debut EP, set to release this summer, promises a mix of genres and includes collaborations with two local artists from Columbia, MO. The specific details about these collaborations are eagerly awaited by their growing fan base.

Left On Red's approach to live shows is described as "shock and awe," aiming to create a buzz and increase engagement on their social media platforms, which include Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok. They advise emerging artists to just start their journey, emphasizing the importance of taking that first step.

Currently booking shows for the summer of 2024, Left On Red is gearing up for what seems to be an exciting phase in their musical journey. Left On Red's journey is a testament to the power of passion and the magic that happens when talented individuals come together.

Keep an eye on this band as they set out to make a significant mark in the music industry!


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