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EXA Shatters Expectations: 'Left In Shards' Unleashes a Thrash Metal Tsunami

EXA German Thrash Metal Band

East Coast Music Review recently had the chance to hang out with EXA, the German thrash metal titans known for their sonic onslaught. We got the inside scoop on their latest assault on the senses, the album "Left In Shards." This ten-track powerhouse is a testament to EXA's ability to blend unbridled energy with the precision and aggression that fans have come to crave. It's not just music; it's a full-throttle experience.

These guys have been setting the standard with their lightning-fast riffs, bombastic drums, and in-your-face vocals. "Left In Shards" sees them dialing up their signature sound, incorporating fresh elements without straying from the thrash metal path that has won them a legion of followers around the globe.

Tom EXA (Tschernig), the man with the plan, is at the helm of the production, mixing, and mastering duties, working his magic at LTMF Studios. His dual role as a band member and producer means that "Left In Shards" not only captures the essence of EXA's explosive live shows but also polishes it to a gleaming edge. The result? An album that's as professionally executed as it is passionately performed.

Today "Left In Shards" hits all the big streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. For those who prefer something tangible, physical copies and exclusive merch are up for grabs on their website ( It's a great way to support the band and snag some cool gear at the same time.

Now, let's talk about the title track "Left in Shards." This song is a monster. Imagine being on the wildest rollercoaster ride of your life—that's what it's like listening to this track. It grinds and grooves with an intensity that's off the charts, packed with breaks and stops that'll have you headbanging so hard you'll need a neck brace. It's the kind of track that defines the album, showcasing EXA's knack for crafting thrash anthems that are both ferocious and meticulously structured.

EXA is inviting everyone to join the thrash metal fiesta with the release of "Left In Shards." It's more than just an album launch; it's a declaration of their staying power and a call to arms for metalheads worldwide. If thrash is your thing, "Left In Shards" is your anthem.

Check out their Facebook, Instagram, Apple Music ,Bandcamp websites and pick up copies of their music!



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