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Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls Ignite The Paramount with Passion and Punk Spirit

Photo: Ehud Lazin

Frank Turner, the seasoned British singer-songwriter known for his passionate blend of punk rock and folk, delivered an unforgettable performance at The Paramount in Huntington, NY, on May 26, 2024. Accompanied by his steadfast band, The Sleeping Souls, Turner showcased his musical evolution and relentless energy, captivating the audience from start to finish.

Frank Turner, once a member of the post-hardcore band Million Dead, embarked on a solo career in 2005, transitioning to a more acoustic and folk-punk style. Over the years, Turner has released numerous critically acclaimed albums, with "Undefeated" being his latest in 2024. The Sleeping Souls, consisting of Ben Lloyd (guitar), Tarrant Anderson (bass), Callum Green (drums), and Matt Nasir (piano), have been his loyal companions, enhancing his dynamic live performances with their tight-knit musicianship.

The set opened with "No Thank You for the Music," immediately setting the tone for an evening of spirited defiance and heartfelt anthems. Turner’s energy was infectious as he launched into "Girl From the Record Shop," a nostalgic nod to simpler times with an irresistible punk rock edge.

The crowd roared with recognition as "Get Better" and "If Ever I Stray" followed, songs that have become staples in Turner's repertoire, celebrating resilience and hope. The tempo slowed down slightly with "Try This at Home" and "The Next Storm," allowing Turner to connect deeply with his audience through his introspective lyrics and emotive delivery.

Photos: Ehud Lazin

Midway through the set, "Letters" and "Haven't Been Doing So Well" struck a chord with the audience, reflecting Turner’s candid approach to discussing mental health and personal struggles. The poignant "Polaroid Picture" further emphasized themes of memory and fleeting moments, creating a palpable sense of nostalgia in the venue.

An acoustic interlude began with "Ceasefire," offering a reflective and intimate experience. Turner’s solo rendition of "Cleopatra in Brooklyn" and "Long Live the Queen" were particularly touching, showcasing his ability to convey profound emotion with minimal accompaniment. The acoustic set continued with "Be More Kind" and "The Ballad of Me and My Friends," creating a communal atmosphere that felt almost like a gathering of old friends.

The band rejoined Turner for the powerful "Somewhere Inbetween" and the politically charged "Punches" and "1933," infusing the venue with renewed energy. The raucous "Non Serviam" and the anthemic "Do One" and "Nevermind the Back Problems" had the crowd singing along with fervor. The main set concluded with the uplifting "Photosynthesis," a song that perfectly encapsulates Turner's ethos of growth and self-discovery.

The encore began with a solo acoustic rendition of "Undefeated," the title track of his latest album, delivering a message of perseverance and triumph. The band then joined him for "Recovery," "I Still Believe," and "Four Simple Words," ending the night on an exhilarating high note. The closing tracks were a testament to Turner's enduring optimism and belief in the power of music to bring people together.

Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls’ performance at The Paramount was a masterclass in live music, blending raw punk energy with poignant storytelling. Turner's genuine connection with his audience and his ability to convey deep emotion through his music made for a truly memorable evening.




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