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Frank Turner Rocks New Jersey: A Preview of 'Undefeated' and a Night of Unbreakable Spirit

Photographer: Ehud Lazin

On April 18, 2024, the Crossroads in New Jersey played host to a night of spirited melodies and heartfelt lyrics as Frank Turner took the stage to preview his upcoming tenth studio album, "Undefeated," set to release on May 5, 2024, by Xtra Mile Recordings. The venue, known for its intimate setting, was packed with fans eager to catch a glimpse of Turner's latest work, following a tumultuous period that had kept live performances at bay.

Frank Turner, always a magnetic presence, opened the evening with a sense of renewal and excitement. “After the pandemic, back in the independent world, with a new drummer, I feel proud, grateful, and pleasantly surprised to be putting out a record that I love with all my heart,” Turner shared with the audience. He described "Undefeated" as a "defiant, energetic record about growing old disgracefully and making peace with that.” His words not only set the tone for the evening but also resonated with a crowd that has grown alongside him throughout his career.

The setlist for the night was a masterful blend of old and new, weaving through Turner's extensive catalog and showcasing the robust diversity of his songwriting. Opening with the energetic "Do One," the set moved through a variety of moods and messages. Fans were treated to the melodic "Girl From the Record Shop" and the reflective "I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous." Anthems like "Photosynthesis" and "I Still Believe" had everyone singing along, embodying Turner's knack for crafting infectious, thought-provoking music.

Other highlights included "If Ever I Stray" and "The Way I Tend to Be," where Turner's lyrics offered both introspection and universality, speaking to personal journeys and collective experiences. The raw emotion of "Plain Sailing Weather" and the camaraderie of "The Ballad of Me and My Friends" showcased his ability to connect on various levels with his audience.

Photographer: Ehud Lazin

A particularly special moment was the live debut of "Somewhere Inbetween," a track that exemplifies Turner's lyrical and vocal prowess. "No Thank You for the Music" was another standout, providing a fresh flavor that hints at the new directions "Undefeated" might explore. As the evening concluded with the triumphant trio of "Recovery," "Polaroid Picture," and the quintessential "Get Better," it was clear that Frank Turner's show at The Warsaw was more than just a musical performance; it was a declaration of resilience and a celebration of life's ups and downs.

Turner’s performance was a communal celebration of survival and the joy of returning to music with full force. Each song he played carried the signature blend of introspection and inclusivity, making fans not just spectators but part of the narrative he so skillfully weaves through his music. As fans left the venue, the air was filled with a buzz of conversations about the new songs, the upcoming album, and the next chance to see Frank Turner live. If the night at Crossroads was any indication, "Undefeated" will not only be a significant addition to Turner’s discography but also a testament to his enduring ability to connect and inspire through music.



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