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From Ashes to New Ignites Niagara Falls with High-Octane Show: A Night of Raw Emotion and Resilient

[ Photojournalist Maragaret "Kenzie" Serrano ]

Brought to you by After Dark Presents - "From Ashes to New" delivered an electrifying performance in Niagara Falls on December 15, 2023 on their Blackout Tour, showcasing their remarkable blend of rock, metal, and rap. Their energy was palpable, transcending beyond their music to create a deep connection with the audience.

Known for tackling themes of adversity and resilience, the band's distinct mix of heavy guitar riffs, rap, and melodic choruses was on full display, captivating the crowd.

As the tour neared its end, their enthusiasm remained undiminished, demonstrating their commitment to forging a unique path in the music industry. This was especially evident in their performance of "Heartache," where they shared a moment of solidarity with fans over shared experiences of toxic relationships, highlighting the therapeutic power of their music.

Adding a personal touch, band member Danny Case, a Rochester native, amplified the crowd's excitement, especially with a heartwarming shout-out to his father, who was celebrating his birthday at the show. This personal connection intensified the atmosphere, making it a memorable night for both the band and the audience.

[ Photojournalist Maragaret "Kenzie"Serrano ]


The band also infused humor into the evening, with lead vocalist Matty Brandyberry joking about the challenges of releasing music during the pandemic, providing a light-hearted yet poignant reflection on the struggles faced by musicians in recent times. This mix of emotion, humor, and dynamic performance solidified "From Ashes to New" as a band that not only entertains but also deeply resonates with their fans.

You can support their music directly by shopping some merch at From Ashes To New Offical Merchandise or pickup a copy of their newest release "Blackout".

We look forward to seeing them again! This is a show that you will not want to miss. ❤️🤘


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