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Grandeur and Grit: Eclipse’s 'MEGALOMANIUM' Carves New Horizons in Melodic Rock

Amazon Rating: ★★★★ (4.2)

Eclipse, the acclaimed Swedish outfit that has carved out a niche in delivering a modern twist on the quintessential 80s melodic hard rock sound, returns triumphantly with their ninth studio opus, "MEGALOMANIUM."

The title is a fitting nod to the expansive and ambitious sonic journey the band embarks upon, amplifying their signature sound to new heights.

Renowned for their mastery of melodic hooks and robust guitar-driven tracks, Eclipse's latest offering doesn't disappoint, presenting a collection that distills their essence while also pushing into new


"MEGALOMANIUM" resonates with the familiar energy that has amassed a dedicated following, particularly in Europe, yet it demonstrates a band that refuses to become complacent.

The lead single, "The Hardest Part is Losing You," stands out as a pinnacle of Eclipse's songwriting prowess, arguably one of the finest anthems in their storied career. Meanwhile, tracks like "Got It!" showcase a willingness to experiment and keep their sound fresh and evolving. Victor Crusner steps into the spotlight with "High Road," providing a distinct vocal offering that underscores the group's readiness to explore and diversify.

Eclipse's "MEGALOMANIUM" is more than just a collection of songs; it's a bold statement of enduring vitality and a clear indication that the band is set on scaling new musical peaks without sacrificing the core of what has brought them this far.


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