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Heaven Comes Down": The Resurgence of Dokken in a Career-Defining Album

Set to drop on October 27th, "Heaven Comes Down" is the latest studio offering from the iconic American heavy metal and hard rock band Dokken.

Formed in 1979, the band initially comprised founder Don Dokken on vocals, George Lynch on lead guitar, Juan Croucier on bass, and Mick Brown on drums. Dokken rose to fame in the 1980s with chart-topping hits like "Breaking the Chains," "In My Dreams," and "Dream Warriors." Known for their melodic composition, intricate guitar work, and soaring vocals, Dokken became a staple in the glam metal scene of the 1980s, setting themselves apart with a more polished sound and deeper thematic content. Don Dokken, the band's constant member amid various lineup changes, continues to steer the group through its evolving musical journey.

The upcoming album, "Heaven Comes Down," encapsulates the band's enduring appeal. Tracks like "Fugitive" and "I'll Never Give Up" display the musical virtuosity of guitarist Jon Levin and the emotive vocals of Don Dokken. The album spans from high-energy rock to soul-stirring ballads, culminating in the autobiographical acoustic track "Santa Fe," which serves as a defining moment in the band's extensive career.

Mixed by industry stalwart Kevin Shirley and produced by Bill Palmer and Don Dokken, the album promises to be a hit among long-time fans and is likely to win over new listeners. Despite enduring internal conflicts over the years—most notably between Don Dokken and George Lynch—the band has sustained its influence in the hard rock and metal circles, maintaining a dedicated and enduring fan base.


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