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Heavy Load Returns: 'Riders of the Ancient Storm' Unleashes a New Era of Viking Metal Majesty

Swedish heavy metal architects Heavy Load, widely acknowledged as the forebearers of the Viking metal genre, mark their triumphant return to the scene with the momentous release of "Riders of the Ancient Storm."

This eagerly anticipated comeback album arrives on the heels of the group's long-standing legacy, forty years after the seminal "Stronger than Evil" album set the world ablaze in 1983.

Reuniting three-fourths of the original lineup, "Riders of the Ancient Storm" is a testament to Heavy Load's enduring spirit.

The Wahlquist brothers—Ragne on vocals and guitars, and Styrbjörn on drums and vocals—rekindle their synergistic magic alongside steadfast bassist Torbjörn Ragnesjö.

Eddy Malm, whose guitar work was instrumental in crafting Heavy Load's pioneering sound, returns as a celebrated guest, gracing certain tracks and live performances with his presence.

Released on October 6th, "Riders of the Ancient Storm" is a monumental chapter in Heavy Load's storied history, encapsulating their foundational mix of melodic hard rock and burgeoning heavy metal ferocity. The album is replete with the band's hallmark powerful riffs, dynamic drumming, and the evocative, soaring vocals that have become synonymous with their name.

Loyal to their DIY roots and the independent spirit that saw the birth of Thunderload Records, this album embodies the quintessence of Heavy Load—a band whose impact resonated deeply within the underground scene and beyond. With "Riders of the Ancient Storm," Heavy Load not only pays homage to their indelible past but also forges ahead, proving that their creative storm continues to rage with the same intensity as in the days of their youth.


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