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Helichrysum: The Ascendance of Hippie Death Cult

Hippie Death Cult, a band hailing from the creative depths of the Pacific Northwest, infuses its music with a potent mix of psychedelic heaviness and blues-inflected rock, seasoning it with doom and stoner metal accents.

Their sound is characterized by forceful, engaging guitar work, atmospheric textures, and a nod to the golden age of rock, all while forging a path into new sonic territories.

Their inaugural album, "111," launched in 2019, secured their position in the heavy music arena with enthusiastic feedback praising their thick guitar work and moody, ambient soundscapes wrapped in a nostalgically tinged package.

The band, adopting the triad format with Laura Phillips transitioning to the role of frontwoman and bassist, is now set to deliver their upcoming record "Helichrysum," which contains seven tracks that transport listeners back to the ‘70s era of heavy rock bliss, slated for release through Heavy Psych Sounds on October 20th.

Navigating the complex waves of artistic endeavor, Hippie Death Cult has emerged as a pulsating entity in the world of psychedelia and rock where riffs rule supreme. Their path has not been devoid of obstacles; the band’s transformation from a quartet to a more synchronized trio attests to their dynamic progression. The trio comprises guitarist Eddie Brnabic, vocalist and bassist Laura Phillips, and drummer Harry Silvers.

Capturing the attention of Cursed Tongue Records in 2019, Hippie Death Cult released "111," receiving a resounding reception that reinforced their emerging legacy. This acclaim spurred another strategic alliance with Heavy Psych Sounds Records in 2021, culminating in the album "Circle Of Days" and a collaborative EP "Doom Sessions Vol. 5" with High Reeper, both ascending the Doom Charts and year-end lists.

Known for their fiery and spirited live shows, Hippie Death Cult has embarked on tours across North America, Europe, and Canada, igniting stages and cultivating a passionate fan following. With the advent of "Helichrysum," featuring Phillips' vocal debut, the band is on the threshold of a new era, brimming with deep, vibrant, and rhythmic artistry that showcases their continued evolution.

As Hippie Death Cult gears up for their album's release, extensive tours across North America and Europe are on the horizon, offering audiences a high-octane, visceral concert experience. With an unwavering commitment to their music and a knack for transcending artistic limits, Hippie Death Cult stands on the precipice of leaving a lasting imprint on the musical landscape.

Band Lineup:

  • Laura Phillips – Vocals, Bass

  • Eddie Brnabic – Guitar

  • Harry Silvers – Drums

"Helichrysum" Tracklist:

  1. Arise

  2. Shadows

  3. Better Days

  4. Red Giant

  5. Toxic Annihilator

  6. Nefelibata

  7. Tomorrow’s Sky


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