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"ILION" - A Colossal Testament to Psychedelic Virtuosity by Slift

Slift's latest album, "ILION," emerges as a monumental achievement in the realm of rock, crafted with a mastery that seems to defy the bounds of a mere trio.

Released on October 5, 2023, this work from the Toulouse-based maestros delivers a ceaseless sonic barrage, maintaining an elevated state of intensity from its inception to the final chord.

"ILION" is not merely an album; it is a vast, pulsating entity that fuses the unrelenting power of metal with the mind-bending explorations of psychedelic rock, all while encompassing the grandiosity of post-rock's narrative depth.

The soundscape presented here prompts disbelief that such a broad, intricate audial experience could emanate from a three-person ensemble.

With each track, Slift crafts a soundscape that stretches into the realms of the boundless, establishing new peaks in the landscape of rock innovation. Listeners are drawn into a world where the euphoric crescendos of Godspeed! You Black Emperor meet the impassioned intensity of post-hardcore pioneers...

And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead. Meanwhile, the mystical undertones of Led Zeppelin's blues-rock and the entrancing rhythms of Sweden's Goat weave through the album's foundation.

"Ilion" stands as a testament to Slift's prodigious capacity to create music that is both immeasurably expansive and intricately detailed, securing their position as psychedelic virtuosos in the ever-evolving narrative of rock.


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