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KK Priest at Stage AE: Unleashing Metal Majesty

Photo: Derek Tull

On the night of March 17, 2024, Pittsburgh's Stage AE was transformed into a metal haven as KK Priest, fronted by the iconic K.K. Downing of Judas Priest fame, unleashed a performance that was both a nod to the past and a bold stride into the future of heavy metal. The air was charged with anticipation as fans from all walks of life gathered, eager to witness the sonic spectacle that Downing and his ensemble were about to deliver.

The show kicked off with "Hellfire Thunderbolt," a track that immediately set the stage ablaze with its electrifying riffs and pounding rhythms. This opener was a clear statement from KK Priest - they were here not just to perform but to conquer. The energy in the venue skyrocketed as the band dove into their set, each song seamlessly weaving together the legacy of Judas Priest with the fresh, dynamic sound that KK Priest has come to embody.

"Hellfire Thunderbolt" was followed by "One More Shot at Glory," a song that showcased the band's ability to craft anthems that are both powerful and poignant. The crowd's response was visceral, with fans headbanging and singing along, completely immersed in the experience.

As Tim "Ripper" Owens took center stage, his vocal prowess was undeniable. Tracks like "Raise Your Fists" and "The Ripper" highlighted his ability to channel the essence of metal gods while infusing the music with his unique flavor. His performance was not just about hitting the high notes; it was about conveying the raw emotion and energy that lie at the heart of each song.

The setlist was a masterful blend of homage and originality:

  • Hellfire Thunderbolt

  • One More Shot at Glory

  • The Ripper

  • Reap the Whirlwind

  • Night Crawler

  • Burn in Hell

  • Beyond the Realms of Death

  • Hell Patrol

  • Brothers of the Road

  • The Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown)

  • Breaking the Law

  • Victim of Changes

The encore, with "Strike of the Viper" and "Raise Your Fists," was the perfect culmination of the evening. It was more than just additional songs; it was a victory lap for a band that had clearly left its mark on the hearts and minds of everyone present.

Photos: Derek Tull

KK Priest's performance at Stage AE was a testament to the timeless appeal of heavy metal. With Downing's legendary guitar work, Owens' vocal dynamism, and the band's cohesive energy, they proved that while they respect their roots, they are not afraid to forge new paths. The concert was a journey through the highs and lows of metal's storied past, with a clear eye towards its future. For fans new and old, it was an unforgettable night that not only paid tribute to the legacy of Judas Priest but also heralded the arrival of KK Priest as a formidable force in the world of metal.


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