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Left Cross - "Upon Desecrated Altars

Emerging in 2015 with a uniquely hostile brand of war-charged death metal, Richmond, Virginia's Left Cross has swiftly carved its name into the annals of underground extreme music.

Known for their merciless live performances and unapologetic intensity, the band has never shown any inclination toward restraint. Now, they return with their sophomore effort, "Upon Desecrated Altars," released under the banner of Profound Lore Records.

From the first moments of "Upon Desecrated Altars," it's abundantly clear that Left Cross has not only retained their murderous intent but has refined their sound to an even more unforgiving state.

This album is a sonic onslaught that offers little respite, relentlessly pummeling the listener with each successive track.

The cacophonous and grotesque melodies woven throughout the album are paired with an inhuman vehemence that leaves no room for ambiguity. Each song builds upon the devastation of the last, resulting in a relentless crescendo of sonic conquest. Blistering solos, thunderous percussion, and infernal commands come together to declare victory and march onward.

Left Cross's mastery of their chosen style is evident in "Upon Desecrated Altars." They have harnessed the ferocity of death metal and merged it seamlessly with the confrontational attitude of hardcore punk. The result is an album that exudes aggression and heaviness while maintaining an uncompromising intensity.

In a world where many bands strive for accessibility, Left Cross proudly stands as a reminder of the unrelenting power of underground extreme music. "Upon Desecrated Altars" is a testament to their dedication to this uncompromising ethos.

This album is not for the faint of heart. It is a sonic assault that harkens back to the roots of death metal and hardcore punk, paying homage to the forebears of both genres while injecting a renewed sense of hostility and brutality. Left Cross has once again proven their prowess as masters of their craft, and "Upon Desecrated Altars" stands as a declaration of their unyielding commitment to the relentless pursuit of extreme music.

For those who seek uncompromising and unapologetic aggression in their music, "Upon Desecrated Altars" is an album that demands attention. Left Cross has raised the banner of conquest, and their war-charged death metal will leave no listener unscathed.


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