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Legends & Lores: CHAMELION's Epic Debut in Symphonic Fantasy Metal - A Review

Rockshots Records is set to unveil a symphonic power metal masterpiece with the debut album "Legends & Lores" from Finland's CHAMELION.

Slated for release in December 2023, this album marks a significant milestone for the band, founded by the skilled keyboardist Marco Sneck.

CHAMELION, known for their unique blend of epic symphonic fantasy power metal infused with classical music, takes listeners on a majestic journey through a world of fantasy and lore.

The band's lineup boasts an impressive quintet: Tomi Viiltola on vocals, Marco Sneck on keyboards, Jari Satta wielding the guitar, Jukka Jokikokko on bass, and Janne Kusmin on drums.

Together, they create a sound that's not just music but an immersive experience. "Legends & Lores," recorded across various studios and mixed by the legendary Jussi Kulomaa in Tampere, is a testament to their collective talent and vision.

Sneck invites fans of symphonic power metal to dive into a fantastical world where melodies intertwine with a metal edge, enriched with layers of choirs, orchestral instruments, shredding guitars, and elements of renaissance and baroque music. This 10-track concept album is a chronicle of fantasy, with each song lyrically linked to form a cohesive narrative of heroes, elves, and magical quests.

The album, spanning 55 minutes, is an odyssey of adventurous heavy metal, designed to be experienced in its entirety for the full narrative impact.

One of the highlights is the single "Shadowleader," the third track and among the first compositions of CHAMELION. This neoclassical tune, rich in baroque elements, narrates the tale of the album's main antagonist. It showcases Jari Satta's exceptional guitar skills, particularly his sweeping technique, adding another layer to the band's intricate sound. You can pre-order the release today!

"Legends & Lores" is a must-listen for fans of bands like Rhapsody, Twilight Force, Symphony X, Dragonland, and Gloryhammer. CHAMELION has not just created an album; they have crafted a gateway to a fantastical realm, where each note and lyric is a step deeper into their vividly imagined world. This debut is a bold statement in the symphonic power metal genre, promising to enchant and captivate listeners with its rich, fantastical storytelling and masterful musicianship.


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