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Lock Stock & Barrel" by Exploding Sun: A Stellar Alt-Rock Experience from Virginia Beach's Finest

Virginia Beach's very own Exploding Sun has outdone themselves with their album, "Lock Stock & Barrel."

Originally released in 2012, this masterpiece is a profound exploration of the human condition, masterfully capturing the essence of alternative rock.

The album stands as a compelling journey through the myriad of life's experiences, resonating with the influences of iconic bands such as Lifehouse, The Gaslight Anthem, REM, Social Distortion, Lou Reed, and Iggy Pop.

Deeply rooted in the rich and dynamic music scene of Southeastern Virginia, Exploding Sun has become a staple on both radio and television in the Hampton Roads area.

Their selection for WinTour 2013 is a testament to their rising prominence in the music world. The band's sound, a sophisticated blend of modern alternative pop rock, has been refined through years of relentless touring and meticulous work in the studio.

"Lock Stock & Barrel" is more than just an album; it's a reflection of a musical journey that began in the band's early years. From their first original band, Crimson Lace, formed in their teens, to this latest release, their music has evolved into a unique fusion of emotive lyrics, powerful pop choruses, and soulful vocals, all layered over blues-rock inspired guitar riffs and rhythms. This album particularly stands out for its ability to connect deeply with listeners, offering a shared experience of life's ups and downs, and ultimately triumph.

Each track in the album is a narrative in itself, designed to uplift and create a sense of empathy and understanding. The years of dedicated writing, recording, and performing are evident in every chord and lyric, making the listening experience both intensely personal and relatable on a universal level.

"Lock Stock & Barrel" by Exploding Sun is not just an album; it's a beacon of hope and understanding in the realm of music. It's an essential addition for anyone who appreciates the depth and authenticity of alternative rock, and a shining example of the best that Southeastern Virginia's music scene has to offer. Support local music and pick up a copy of this CD on Amazon!


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