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Malevolent: A Symphony of Shadows and Soundscapes

Malevolent, a cinematic/symphonic metal band, emerges as a fusion of Belgian and Spanish musical genius, set to captivate fans of epic orchestration, soaring female vocals, and profound death grunts.

Their debut self-titled EP, released on December 21, 2023, in partnership with Necktwister, is a testament to their unique sound.

The EP, crafted under the seasoned guidance of producer Joost VandenBroek, known for his work with Powerwolf, Epica, and Blind Guardian, promises a blend of powerful symphonies and metal. At the forefront is the exceptionally talented Spanish vocalist Celica Soldream, whose voice brings a distinct Celtic and Eastern flair, enriched by her experience as the voice behind renowned vocal libraries and appearances in projects like World of Warcraft's Warbringers: Azshara and Disney's ‘Beauty and the Beast’ trailer.

Malevolent's first video, ‘Gaze’, released on November 11, 2023, offers a glimpse into their mesmerizing world. The band is the brainchild of Belgian/French composer and musician Nikolaas Van Riet, who seamlessly blends early symphonic and gothic metal with modern, cinematic influences. Van Riet, formerly of Keltgar, infuses his rich experience into this new venture.

The EP also features guest vocals from Mark Jansen of Epica, adding another layer to its intricate sound. The ensemble is completed by Koen Herfst, an acclaimed drummer with a history of collaborations across the metal and hard rock spectrum, and Jan Verschueren, a guitar virtuoso with a diverse portfolio.

The EP's thematic focus on a post-apocalyptic world is matched by the musical prowess of these artists, making Malevolent not just a band, but a narrative experience. Their union, under the expert production of Joost Van den Broek, forms a perfect alchemy of symphonic metal.

Malevolent stands as a beacon for fans seeking a fusion of cinematic grandeur and metal intensity, marking a new chapter in the genre's evolution. Their debut EP is more than music; it's an auditory journey through a world both majestic and malevolent.


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