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Metal Alchemy: The Innovative Spirit of Extol

Emerging from Bekkestua, Norway, Extol has etched a significant mark in the Christian metal scene with their distinctive blend of metal subgenres. Since their formation in 1993, the band has undergone several lineup changes, with influential members like Peter Espevoll, Christer Espevoll, Ole Børud, David Husvik, and John Robert Mjåland shaping its sound.

Extol stands out for their progressive and technical metal style, seamlessly weaving together elements from death, black, and thrash metal. Their music is noted for its complex song structures and intricate guitar work, complemented by a mix of both aggressive and melodic vocals.

The band's lyrics, rooted in their Christian faith, explore spiritual and theological themes. This aspect of their music has resonated not only within the Christian metal community but also with a broader audience, thanks to the universal appeal of their themes and musical excellence.

Over the years, Extol has released several influential albums, including "Burial" (1998), "Undeceived" (2000), and "Synergy" (2003). Each album marks a progression in their sound and showcases their willingness to experiment with various metal styles. After a hiatus, the band returned with their self-titled album "Extol" in 2013, revisiting some of their heavier roots and receiving wide acclaim.

Extol's influence extends beyond the Christian metal sphere, earning respect across the wider metal genre for their musical prowess and ability to bridge diverse metal styles. Their commitment to their faith, fused with their musical skill, has rendered Extol a significant presence in the metal community, appealing to a diverse audience that appreciates the depth and technicality of their music.

"BURIAL" stands as a pivotal album in Extol's discography, showcasing a masterful blend of melodic and heavy elements. This work is a testament to the band's enduring legacy, cementing their status as pioneers in the genre. The album, with tracks like "Into Another Dimension," "Celestial Completion," and "Burial," exemplifies their musical range and innovation, making "BURIAL" a timeless masterpiece in Norwegian metal.


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