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Paul Rodgers' "Midnight Rose": A Sonic Revival of Rock Royalty

Paul Rodgers Midnight Rose Review

Celebrated for his indomitable vocal presence in Bad Company, Free, and his memorable tenure with Queen, Paul Rodgers resurfaces with his impeccable album, "Midnight Rose."

New offerings from Paul Rodgers are always a reason for jubilation, given their rarity in recent times. "Midnight Rose" is especially poignant as it heralds his debut original compilation in a decade. This album sees Rodgers in prime form, spotlighting his iconic vocals that have rightfully earned him a place among Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Singers of All Time. It's a stellar lineup of novel tracks, with gems like "Living It Up," "Take Love," and "Photo Shooter" leading the charge.

"Midnight Rose" simultaneously salutes Rodgers' illustrious past and hints at more brilliance to come. Among the eight songs, Rodgers' songwriting flair shines, having penned all but "Living It Up," a joint effort with his bandmates Todd Ronning and Rick Fedyk.

Under the meticulous stewardship of Bob Rock and Cynthia Rodgers, the album came to life over an intense 18-month period, with sessions held at Roper Recording and The Warehouse. Its distinct artwork emerges from a heartfelt collaboration between Rodgers and his partner, Cynthia, marking their 26-year journey together.

Shedding light on the album's creation, Rodgers remarks, "The inception of 'Midnight Rose' was kindled by mere fragments of inspiration. These fragments evolved into an inferno, thanks to the unmatched commitment of the entire ensemble. Personally, I feel this might be my most accomplished work to date. I certainly cherish it and hope it resonates with the listeners."

In essence, "Midnight Rose" reaffirms Paul Rodgers' unparalleled stature in the rock realm. It serves as a testament to his evergreen talent, ensuring his iconic voice and legendary tracks continue to enthrall music aficionados worldwide. You can pick up a copy of his newest CD at Amazon.


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