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POWERWOLF Launches Their First Headline Tour of North America, Followed by Their Biggest EU Headline Tour to Date,the Wolfsnächte 2024, in Autumn

Photo: VDPictures

Today, POWERWOLF presents the long-awaited first single from their upcoming studio album, 'Wake Up The Wicked', out July 26, 2024 via Napalm Records. "1589" tells the story of Peter Stump, who lived near Cologne, Germany in the 16th century and is known today as the Werewolf of Bedburg. After being defamed as a werewolf, the farmer confessed to several murders under torture and was cruelly executed on October 31, 1589. This morbid story has fascinated people all over the world ever since and has been picked up by National Geographic, among others.

For the video for "1589", POWERWOLF traveled to England to stage Stump's fate in the dark woods in a cinematic way. With carefully selected locations, countless actors and crew members, and impressive special effects, it marks the most elaborate music video production in the band's history to date - and thus offers a worthy first taste of what fans can expect with 'Wake Up The Wicked.'

POWERWOLF is undoubtedly one of the most successful current heavy metal bands worldwide. Headline and premium slots at premier rock and metal festivals like Wacken, Hellfest, and Graspop, as well as massive sold-out arena shows have further solidified the Wolfpack’s standing at the very top of the scene. POWERWOLF’s high-quality releases are steadily praised by critics and fans alike, building upon the successful reach of their songs and impressive official music videos, which have been streamed tens of millions of times across platforms to date.

'Wake Up The Wicked' – the highly anticipated successor to the extremely successful previous studio album, 'Call Of The Wild' (2021) – will be released just in time for the award-winning band’s first ever full North American tour, starting in August 2024, followed by their biggest European headline tour to date, the Wolfsnächte 2024. 'Wake Up The Wicked' is once again produced by the outstanding Joost van den Broek at Sandlane Recording Facilities and marks a new benchmark and undisputed career highlight for the band. The new album is hard, surprising, and full of variety. While staying true to their established, loved sound, POWERWOLF goes one step further and showcases a different facet of their deft musical and technical skills. This is evident, for example, on the outstanding single “1589”, which is based on a true story from the 16th century.

20 years after their formation in 2004, POWERWOLF are expanding their repertoire with the highest quality and adding many future live hits to their extraordinary discography. 'Wake Up The Wicked' is yet another statement cementing the status of the band as a leading force in the world of heavy metal!

'Wake Up The Wicked' Track List:

1. Bless 'em with the Blade

2. Sinners of the Seven Seas

3. Kyrie Klitorem

4. Heretic Hunters

5. 1589

6. Viva Vulgata

7. Wake Up the Wicked

8. Joan of Arc

9. Thunderpriest

10. We Don't Wanna Be No Saints

11. Vargamor



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