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Pretty Vicious - The Struts: A Fusion of Classic and Contemporary Rock

In the electrifying landscape of modern rock, The Struts stand out with a sound that is both a nod to the audacious spirit of the '70s and '80s and a defiant stride into the present.

Hailing from Derby, England, and formed in 2012, the quartet of Luke Spiller (vocals), Adam Slack (guitar), Jed Elliott (bass), and Gethin Davies (drums) has reignited the spark of flamboyant rock with their vivacious performances and extravagant flair.

The dynamic frontman, Luke Spiller, channels the essence of legendary icons like Freddie Mercury, ensuring that every lyric delivered is imbued with an exuberance that is nothing short of infectious.

With their initial release, "Everybody Wants," The Struts burst through the airwaves in 2014, later reissuing the album with additional tracks for an eager American audience in 2016. Their breakout hit, "Could Have Been Me," paved the way for relentless touring and sharing stages with rock royalty such as The Rolling Stones and Guns N' Roses, leaving an indelible mark on audiences worldwide.

Their sophomore record, "Young & Dangerous," released in 2018, further showcased their aptitude for crafting anthemic tunes like "Body Talks," which resonated with the raw energy of their live extravaganzas. Beyond their own discography, The Struts have demonstrated an impressive versatility and willingness to collaborate, working with varied talents including Robbie Williams, Kesha, and Joe Elliott, further expanding their reach and musical diversity.

"Pretty Vicious" emerges as their latest tour-de-force, an album that distills the essence of The Struts' exultant live experience into a series of tracks that are as genuine as they are thunderous. The record transcends the expectations set by their previous work, delving deeper into the heart of what makes rock music pulse-quickening. Each song radiates with the grandeur of their performances, but also captures a sincerity that signifies the band's evolution.

The Struts' "Pretty Vicious" is not merely an album; it is a clarion call to rock enthusiasts, old and new, asserting the timeless allure of guitar riffs and rhythm sections that shake the soul. With this release, The Struts prove that the spirit of classic rock does not just endure; it evolves, thrives, and most importantly, it excites with undiminished passion.


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