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Pushing Boundaries: BABYMETAL's Fourth Studio Album 'The Other One'

With the release of "The Other One" on March 24, 2023, BABYMETAL offers their fourth studio album, further cementing their status as pioneers in the kawaii metal genre. Distributed by a range of notable labels including Babymetal Records, Amuse, Toy's Factory, Cooking Vinyl America, and 5B Records, the album showcases the band's continuing evolution and musical versatility.

As with their previous albums, "The Other One" amalgamates different genres, effectively blending the intensity of heavy metal with the infectiousness of J-Pop. Su-metal's vocal prowess serves as the album's cornerstone, while Moametal's screams and the kinetic energy from the "Avengers" add layers of depth and theatricality.

What sets "The Other One" apart is the band's commitment to pushing boundaries even further, incorporating even more musical influences and bringing a heightened level of production quality to the project. This album stands as a testament to BABYMETAL's dedication to artistic growth, substantiating why they are a global phenomenon.

The release of "The Other One" is a milestone for both BABYMETAL and the wider metal community, demonstrating that innovation and genre-bending remain at the forefront of the band's creative strategy. This album will surely be a topic of discussion among fans who engage with the band on social platforms like Instagram (@babymetal_official) and Facebook (

In summary, "The Other One" is not just another album; it's an assertion of BABYMETAL's continuing influence and musical dexterity. It is an adventure that shouldn't be missed, offering both long-time fans and newcomers an eclectic, intense, and thoroughly enjoyable listening experience.


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