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Raspy Soul Unveiled: The Timeless R&B Journey of Joshua Hickson Jr

In the heart of Virginia Beach, a soulful revolution is brewing, and at its helm is the R&B sensation known as Raspy Soul. Behind this evocative name is Joshua Hickson Jr, a solo artist whose music is a testament to the enduring power of love and relationships. Raspy Soul isn't just a stage name; it's a declaration of his unique sound and the essence of his music, characterized by a voice that's as memorable as the legends who inspired him.

Joshua's musical journey is deeply rooted in the soulful serenades and passionate ballads of R&B greats. Raised in a home where the likes of Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, and Marvin Gaye were constant companions, his path seemed predestined. The church provided a foundation, but it was the purity and talent of 90s R&B that truly shaped his artistic vision. Joshua decided early on that his music would not only emulate the greatness of his idols but also carry forward the torch of true R&B flavor and feel-good music.

With each song, Joshua aims to capture the full spectrum of human emotion, from the highest highs to the lowest lows, but always with a lean towards the brighter side of love. In today's world, where R&B often sways towards the celebration of fleeting moments, Raspy Soul seeks to remind us of the depth and permanence of true love.

His latest EP, "Konstructed," is a collaboration with producer Konstructakons Music, marking a new chapter in Joshua's career. This project stands out for its soulful sound, seamlessly blending nostalgia with a fresh, contemporary twist. It's a sound that Joshua and his producer have honed to perfection, creating a signature style that's heavy on good, old-fashioned R&B, yet undeniably current.

Raspy Soul's live performances are an extension of his music, offering audiences an intimate glimpse into his heart. Whether he's channeling happiness, laughter, or even pain, his stage presence and ability to connect with the crowd through song is unparalleled. His pre-show rituals, a mix of light workouts, prayer, meditation, and sometimes a bit of Mary Jane, are all aimed at delivering an unforgettable live experience.

For Joshua, music is more than just a career; it's a calling. His advice to emerging artists is to pursue their craft with passion, not just for monetary gain, but to truly connect with their audience. In his words, "Letting go of the mindset of doing this just for the money, do it for the passion you have for your craft."

As Raspy Soul continues to rise, his vision remains clear: to create timeless music that resonates with the soul. With new singles, an EP, and an album on the horizon, along with captivating visuals, the future looks bright for this R&B virtuoso. Raspy Soul is not just redefining the genre; he's reminding us of its heart, its roots, and its undeniable power to speak to the soul.

Catch Raspy Soul live at Rivers Casino Soundbar in Portsmouth, VA, on March 9th, 2024, for a performance that promises to be as safe and soul-stirring as the music he loves.

"When Words Fail Music Speaks" - Hans Christian Andersen



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