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Red Wanting Blue: A Night of Heartland Rock Revival at Brooklyn Made – Legends Never Fade!

Red Wanting Blue @ Brooklyn Made NY
Photographer: Jared Miller

On a crisp March night in Brooklyn, the indie rock veterans Red Wanting Blue took the stage at Brooklyn Made, proving once again why they're a beacon of resilience in the often merciless music industry. Celebrating over a quarter-century together, this band from Athens, Ohio, shows that true dedication to craft and evolving artistry can indeed stand the test of time.

Red Wanting Blue is a blend of personalities and talents: Scott Terry, with his gripping lead vocals and mastery of the tenor guitar and ukulele; Mark McCullough, who lays down the bass lines while occasionally switching to the chapman stick and adding vocals; Greg Rahm, whose guitar and keyboard skills are complemented by his vocal contributions; Eric Hall, who adds depth with his guitar, lap steel, and vocal work; and Dean Anshutz, who anchors the band with his drums and percussion. Together, they create a sound that’s both uniquely theirs and universally relatable.

Their performance at Brooklyn Made was a testament to their journey. Red Wanting Blue doesn't just play music; they tell stories, with every chord and lyric steeped in the heartland rock 'n' roll tradition, yet boldly stepping into modern, metropolitan rock vibes. The band's sound, robust and full of life, mirrors their career path—self-sufficient and independent, with a gradual but noticeable tilt towards the mainstream, all without losing the gritty, authentic edge that has earned them a loyal following.

What makes a Red Wanting Blue concert so remarkable isn't just the music; it's the palpable sense of camaraderie among the band members and the connection they share with the audience. Scott Terry's full-throttle vocals have a way of wrapping around the soul, while the band's cohesive musicianship ensures that the sound is always bigger than the sum of its parts. Their performance at Brooklyn Made wasn't just a setlist; it was an experience, a shared moment in time that reminded everyone why live music can be so powerful.

Highlights of the night included a mix of their classic hits and newer tracks, each song showcasing the band's ability to fuse melodic heartland rock with touches of Americana and a modern rock flair. The rhythm section was tight, driving the music forward with an energy that filled the venue, while the vocals and harmonies resonated with a raw, earnest emotion that only decades of playing together can produce.

In a world where the music industry can be unforgiving, Red Wanting Blue stands out as a story of perseverance, talent, and the enduring power of good music. Their performance at Brooklyn Made was more than just another gig; it was a celebration of all they've achieved and a hint at all the music still left to explore. For fans old and new, the night was a reminder that in the ever-changing landscape of rock, Red Wanting Blue is a constant, a band that continues to grow, inspire, and, most importantly, connect with everyone lucky enough to catch them live.



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