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Resilience and Riffs: Nothing More Rocks Pittsburgh with a Potent Mix of Passion and Power

Photo: Derek Tull

Stage AE in Pittsburgh played host to the raw energy and unbridled talent of Nothing More, a band that has risen from the vibrant music scene of San Antonio, Texas. Known for their dramatic musical fusion that blends elements of rock, electronic, and metal, Nothing More has captivated a global fan base with their intense performances and deeply personal lyrics since their inception in 2003.

The concert on May 12, 2024, was a journey through the band's expansive catalog, starting off strong with "If It Doesn't Hurt," a perfect opener that set a high-energy tone for the night. Tracks like "Let 'em Burn" and "Don't Stop" kept the momentum going, showcasing the band's knack for combining catchy hooks with powerful, thought-provoking messages.

A mid-set highlight was "Mr. MTV," a critique of media culture that had the crowd both reflecting and rocking out. The emotional depth of the night peaked with "Jenny," a poignant track about mental health struggles that resonated deeply with the audience, reminding everyone of the band's ability to connect on a personal level.

"Go to War" and "Do You Really Want It?" were as compelling live as they are on record, displaying the band’s dynamic range and the raw vocal intensity of lead singer Jonny Hawkins. The newer tracks like "SPIRITS" and "House on Sand" were received with enthusiasm, indicating their newer works are weaving into the hearts of their listeners just as firmly.

Photos: Derek Tull

The concert concluded on a powerful note with "This Is the Time (Ballast)," a fan favorite that perfectly encapsulates the ethos of Nothing More: resilience, passion, and the drive to push through adversity. The performance was not just a display of musical prowess, but a visceral experience that left the crowd both energized and emotionally stirred.

With their gripping setlist and compelling stage presence, Nothing More reaffirmed why they are one of the most impactful bands on the rock circuit today. The night at Stage AE was a profound reminder of the power of music to move, challenge, and inspire.



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