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Resilient Shards: The Intense Convergence of Personal and Societal Battlegrounds in Dying Wish's 'S

Sharptone Records proudly presents "Symptoms of Survival," the formidable sophomore offering from the Portland-based metalcore sensation Dying Wish.

Following their acclaimed debut, this new release sees the band harnessing their hallmark ferocity, melding hardcore punk's raw animus with the intricate craftsmanship of metalcore.

Distinguished by their impassioned vocals and kinetic riffs, Dying Wish excels in sculpting an aural landscape where melodic elements collide with relentless breakdowns, narrating tales of personal anguish amidst societal discord.

"Symptoms of Survival" is a visceral exploration of resilience, an 11-track tour de force that delves into the heart of both personal tribulation and collective struggle.

Earning recognition early in their career, including a nomination for Best International Band at the Heavy Music Awards, Dying Wish has cemented their position at the vanguard of the genre with this release.

The album stands as a battle cry for liberation, weaving the urgency of BIPOC advocacy, environmental activism, and an array of intersectional causes with intimate narratives of individual hardship.

With "Symptoms of Survival," Dying Wish not only fulfills the promises laid by their early work but expands their narrative and sonic boundaries, solidifying their stance as a pivotal voice in contemporary metalcore.


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