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Resonating Rebellion: Chemical Empire's Raw and Authentic Sonic Journey

In a revealing interview with East Coast Music Review, Matt Smith of Chemical Empire shared insights into his musical odyssey, recent ventures, and the personal hurdles that have shaped his artistic expression. Despite recovering from a severe flu, Smith’s enthusiasm and passion for his craft were unmistakably vibrant.

Smith’s recent releases, "Desire to Hate" and "Suffocating," have created a buzz with their raw power and emotional depth, striking a chord with audiences. He discussed his forthcoming single "Cold Wave," set for a January 19th release, as part of a larger endeavor culminating in a full album. The majority of the songs are already penned, with studio recordings on the horizon.

"Cold Wave" explores the theme of depression, a personal battle for Smith. He views songwriting as a therapeutic release, channeling his personal experiences and emotions into his music. This makes his creations not only deeply personal but also highly relatable.

Smith's musical journey has been punctuated by significant personal changes, including two divorces. These experiences heavily influenced his music, leading to a complete album written in real-time about his last breakup, titled 'Dead Echoes.' This project served as a therapeutic channel for Smith, capturing the full spectrum of his emotional journey.

The moniker 'Chemical Empire' marks a new chapter in Smith’s life, reflecting his current perspective. Each song is a translation of his experiences, aiming to resonate with people who share similar emotions. "Desire to Hate," for example, is about staying true to oneself in a world that demands conformity.

In the studio, Smith is a multi-instrumentalist skilled in playing guitars, bass, and keyboards, and he has delved into music theory and piano. He's primarily self-taught and recognizes his limitations, but always aims to serve the song best. For certain parts that require advanced guitar skills, he collaborates with his friend Joe.

Smith's creative process is spontaneous and ongoing. He records ideas on his phone, whether at the grocery store or in the shower, and later fleshes these out into complete songs. He prefers creating albums that tell a story from start to finish, rather than releasing standalone singles.

Despite balancing a full-time job and owning businesses, Smith remains devoted to his music. He has been working on many of these songs for over a year and plans to release a new song every month and a half. His musical style is eclectic, not confined to a specific genre but rather reflecting his current feelings and experiences.

Smith’s musical path is not just about creation and performance, but also about connecting with his inner self and his audience. His work with Chemical Empire is a testament to the power of music as a medium for personal expression and connection.

Chemical Empire, under Smith's leadership, has emerged as a fresh and electrifying voice in the hard rock and alternative metal scene. The band, with its compelling debut and unique sound, promises to be a force to reckon with in the music industry. Their commitment to authenticity and storytelling through music sets them apart, and their journey is a powerful example for aspiring musicians and artists everywhere! Check out his Facebook page for updates on his upcoming single 'Cold Wave" scheduled for release on 1/19.

Sonja and I look forward to catching up with Matt again this year. Thanks for reading!


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