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Rising from the Silence: Prong's Triumphant Return with 'State Of Emergency'

In their latest album, "State Of Emergency," released by Steamhammer on October 6, 2023, Prong, hailing from New York City, triumphantly returns after a lengthy six-year hiatus, delivering a masterpiece infused with their signature verve.

For avid Prong enthusiasts and the wider thrash community, the prolonged absence seemed endless. External challenges, including the pandemic, contributed to this gap. Yet, with "State Of Emergency," Prong doesn't just mark their comeback — they redefine excellence.

Tommy Victor, the creative genius behind Prong, articulates, "This album is pure Prong. It sidesteps current norms and charts its own path." Such sentiments resonate deeply with the album's content. "State Of Emergency" is a bold declaration of Prong's audacity, blurring genre lines and crafting a unique sonic realm. Victor's eclectic taste shines brightly, "Our musical journey encapsulates a plethora of styles."

The tracks navigate various musical terrains, while at its heart, the album pulses with fervent guitar riffs, reminiscent of Victor's signature touch. The amalgamation of punk, metal, ambient post-punk, doom shades, blues hints, and a spirited dash of thrash results in a soundscape that's quintessentially Prong. As Victor elucidates, "It's imbued with an undeniable East Coast vigor." This fierce, uncompromising energy, emblematic of Prong's legacy, is palpable throughout "State Of Emergency."

In today's fleeting musical climate, Prong's unwavering commitment to their authentic sound is invigorating. "State Of Emergency" doesn't merely herald their reemergence — it cements their legacy as avant-garde metal trailblazers, ever-evolving yet rooted in their foundational passion, with the indomitable spirit of New York City coursing through their veins.



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