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Saint Asonia Ignites Elevation 27: A Night of Passionate Rock and Unforgettable Connection

Saint Asonia at Elevation 27
©Kenneth Reining

Elevation 27 in Virginia Beach transformed into the heart of rock 'n' roll last night, courtesy of Saint Asonia's electrifying performance that felt like an epic reunion of rock royalty rather than just another show. With Adam Gontier at the forefront, the band unleashed a torrent of energy that lit up the venue, plunging into a setlist that captivated everyone from the first note.

The show took off with "Above It All," laying down the night's vibe with potent riffs and Gontier's impactful vocals that seemed to reach into everyone's core. The crowd's enthusiastic singing along to "Better Place" showcased the profound bond between Saint Asonia and their fans, a connection that deepened as "Wolf" unleashed a wave of intensity, highlighted by Mike Mushok's exceptional guitar prowess.

Saint Asonia's authenticity shone throughout their performance. Adam Gontier didn't just perform; he shared stories, emotions, and connected on a deeply personal level, a rarity in the music scene today. Alongside Mushok's guitar finesse, Corey Lowery's solid bass, and Cody Watkins's dynamic drumming, the band delivered a sound that was raw yet polished, embodying the spirit of rock.

The night wasn't all about high-energy rock anthems. The band demonstrated their versatility with more subdued moments, particularly during "Let Me Live My Life," reminding everyone of their ability to meld intensity with emotional depth. The evening also featured a powerhouse lineup of tracks, including "Hunted," "Chew Me Up," and "Never Too Late," before diving into the compelling "Hate" and "I Don't Care." "So What" and "Say Goodbye" paved the way for "Blinding Light," "Riot," and "Devastate," culminating in the deeply resonant "Let Me Live My Life" to close the set.

The connection between Saint Asonia and the audience transcended the typical concert dynamic, creating a shared experience that made the night truly unforgettable. It was a testament to the collective passion for music, a factor that made the concert stand out as a memorable gathering.

As the evening wound down, the reluctance to part ways was palpable. The relationship between Saint Asonia and their Virginia Beach audience was more robust than ever, highlighting a shared love for rock that transcends mere listening—it's about living the music together.

Photographer: ©Kenneth Reining

Exiting Elevation 27, the consensus was clear: Saint Asonia didn't just play a gig; they provided an unforgettable experience, weaving together memorable tunes, shared experiences, and a poignant reminder of the enduring power of rock music. Virginia Beach was left buzzing, with Saint Asonia's show destined to be a topic of conversation for a long time, a night of rock that will be etched in the memories of all who were there.



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