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Several Songs About Fire" - A. Savage's Sonic Odyssey

Release Date: October 6, 2023

Label: Rough Trade

A. Savage, the illustrious co-frontman of Parquet Courts, has graced us with his second solo album under the moniker of A. Savage, and it's nothing short of a musical revelation. "Several Songs About Fire," released by Rough Trade, invites us into an intimate auditory saloon where Savage's lyrical genius burns brightly.

Having bid farewell to the bustling streets of New York City, Savage embarks on a transcendental journey, crafting a masterpiece of mature introspection. This album follows in the footsteps of his 2017 solo endeavor, "Thawing Dawn," and it's a mesmerizing sequel.

Savage aptly describes "Several Songs About Fire" as a burning building, with each track as a precious relic sacrificed to safeguard his own soul. Guided by producer John Parish, the album was recorded in a whirlwind ten days in Bristol, a musical enclave that adds depth to Savage's evolution.

With the support of talented musicians like Cate Le Bon, Jack Cooper, saxophonist Euan Hinshelwood, drummer Dylan Hadley, and violinist Magdalena McLean, Savage paints introspective landscapes on this canvas of sound.

Savage's lyrical prowess shines brilliantly, blending emotional openness with laconic wit. He explores themes of wealth and poverty, self and other, allowing listeners the privilege of their own emotional solitude.

"Several Songs About Fire" takes us on a metaphysical voyage. "Elvis in the Army" thrusts us into an underground venue, while "Mountain Time" conjures a forlorn waltz in a deserted house. Drawing inspiration from legends like Sybille Baier and Townes Van Zandt, Savage expands the aperture of human experience.

In Savage's hands, the mundane becomes luminous, and the ominous, poetic. His compositions reveal both the flickering flames of hope and the looming shadows of curses. This album is an introspective tapestry that invites listeners on their own psychic odyssey.

"Several Songs About Fire" is a testament to A. Savage's indomitable artistic spirit—a mesmerizing blaze that illuminates the depths of the human soul. It's an album you won't want to miss. Pick up a copy on Amazon today!

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